Internet Did Not Reach 40 Percent Villages Of Uttarakhand, People Crave For Signal Even In 5G Era


While high speed mobile internet 5G service has been launched in the country, on the other hand people in remote areas and many villages of Uttarakhand are still far away from Internet Connection. ) are far. According to statistics, even today 40 percent villages of Uttarakhand have not reached internet (No internet in 40 percent villages of Uttarakhand). In Uttarakhand, 48 percent of the villagers still do not use the Internet.

Dehradun: In today’s era when internet has become a big necessity for the whole world, then there are thousands of villages in Uttarakhand which are still far away from the reach of internet (No internet connection in Uttarakhand villages). You will be surprised to know that in the rural areas of the state, there are 48 percent people who do not use the Internet. Shocking reports from the villages of Uttarakhand in today’s era focused on the Internet.

In this era of information revolution, it is also difficult to realize oneself without technology and internet. Today, when we spend our many hours on the Internet every day, then those figures of rural areas of Uttarakhand, who do not have internet presence in their lives. People of thousands of villages in the hill state of Uttarakhand are still deprived of internet. This situation is when the slogan of Digital India is being given in the country. More and more schemes and government benefits are being made available to the public through online mediums.

The figures of the last months of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) are a bit worrying for Uttarakhand. Understand what the TRAI figures say about the rural areas of Uttarakhand.

According to TRAI’s March 2022 report, 83.8 lakh people use internet in the state. In urban areas, 44.9 lakh people are using the internet. In terms of rural areas, this figure is 38.9 lakh. In terms of statistics, 52 percent of the people in rural areas are using the Internet. That is, 48 ​​percent of rural people are still away from the use of internet.

This figure of a large number of people getting away from the internet in the state is surprising. This is because in the country from various schemes to different sectors have come in digital mode. Not only this, the government is also giving benefits of schemes to the people through online methods. Senior IPS officer Amit Sinha, director of Uttarakhand Information Technology Development Agency (ITDA), says that the Internet is the most important thing in the present times. Any work can be done online easily from anywhere. In view of this, preparations are also being made to make 400 services online in Uttarakhand soon. Which will soon be started by the Chief Minister.

Today there is no such sector where internet is not required. With every sector being online, the importance of the Internet has increased even more. Why internet is important for common people, understand it point by point.

Under various schemes of the government, DBT is now done for any kind of amount from pension to the accounts of the people. That is, this money comes directly to the accounts online. The Internet also plays an important role in operating your account and for money transactions. Internet is also very useful for information about government schemes or other information. Children also have to use the Internet to take online classes.

In the rural areas of Uttarakhand where there is no internet availability, even for small tasks, the villagers have to go to the cities to use the internet. Not only this, online education of children is completely ruined in rural areas in this situation. Let us tell you that mainly three private companies are working as telecom in western Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Internet is being used through their services. In this, 6 crore 44 lakh 53 thousand people are currently taking their services in West Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Jio has 02 crore 14 lakh customers in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Airtel has 1 crore 86 lakh 25 thousand customers, while Vi has 01 crore 85 lakh 68 thousand customers.

From the point of view of Uttarakhand, people are also using the government telecom company BSNL. Despite such a huge figure, none of these companies is able to fully provide the benefit of internet in the rural areas of Uttarakhand. The special thing is that out of the total rural areas in Uttarakhand, there are areas one after the other where the internet is not accessible. However, there are a large number of people who do not even know how to use the Internet. But the more important thing is that the internet has still not reached thousands of villages. Due to this it is not possible to use the internet here. Now understand this from the figures.

There are total 16,500 villages in Uttarakhand. Where there are challenges of delivering high speed internet. There are a total of 700 villages in the state which are considered as dark villages. That is, the signals of any company do not reach here. On the other hand, there are about 3500 villages where 2G signals come. That is, there can hardly be a talk by phone, but even here the internet does not reach. There is no signal for internet in 40% of the villages of the state. For this reason people cannot use the internet here.

It is not that the central or state government does not know about these conditions. Despite this, due to the condition of the system and the lack of all the arrangements, at present people have to live without internet in the villages in these conditions. However, the good news is that now the Center has prepared a special plan for such villages. Under this scheme, preparations are being made to install towers for villages cut off from such information revolution, not in Uttarakhand but across the country.

According to the information, a total of 12,000 towers are to be installed across the country. Out of which 1202 towers are to be installed in Uttarakhand also. However, the number of towers coming to the part of Uttarakhand may increase even more. It is expected that their number can be up to 1750. If this happens, then the inaccessible and rugged areas of Uttarakhand will also have access to the Internet. Actually, the central government is working to increase internet facilities in two ways. In this, on the one hand, 5G has to be provided in the cities, then in areas where there is no signal, then there is to prepare the access of 4G. Senior IPS officer Amit Sinha, director of ITDA, says that by the end of this year, Uttarakhand will see a big change regarding rural areas.

To fulfill Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream of Digital India, it is necessary that along with cities, rural areas should also be strengthened digitally. The people here can also get the benefit of all the facilities.

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