Ruckus Over The Question Of Beef Classification In BHU, Hundreds Of Students Protested


There is a ruckus in BHU regarding a question in the semester examination including fee hike. Students are protesting for many of their demands. At the same time, a campaign has also been launched against the university on social media. Let us know the whole matter in the news.

Varanasi: Banaras Hindu University is embroiled in controversies these days. On the one hand, students are sitting on an indefinite dharna regarding fee hike and seat allotment, while on the other hand, a question regarding the semester examination of hotel management has increased the protest in the university. From social media to the campus of the university, students are fiercely opposing this question.

Actually, the matter is about the classification question of beef during the ongoing semester examination in Faculty of Art. The students are furious about this. In the paper of Catering Technology and Hotel subject in the second semester of Bachelor of Vocational course, a long answer question related to classification of beef was asked. Students are protesting about this.

The question of beef classification created a ruckus: There has been an uproar over the question asked by the examiner on the classification of beef. Professor Rakesh Upadhyay, former chair professor of the university and director of the journalism department at IIMC, has opposed this by posting the question paper on Facebook. Professor Upadhyay has written that ‘If some instructor has gained more knowledge in understanding and explaining the type of beef in Banaras Hindu University, then at least the information about those who set such question paper should be made public. Who is this? University’s or some external expert has asked this question many times under many questions in the same question paper. What is their intention or intention behind asking such questions again and again?’

Professor Rakesh Upadhyay also wrote that ‘remember that Bharat Ratna Pujya Malaviya Ji continued to serve the cows in the university, for this he also established a cowshed, so that the staff and students here do not face difficulty in getting pure milk. Don’t know what is the current condition of the cowshed? But some people are interested in knowing the recipe of beef through beef from the students, so being a curious person, others are also curious that who is going to put it in the question paper, teach it in the class and keep it in the syllabus?’

Demand for Chief Minister’s action: Further, he has written that ‘anyway, in Uttar Pradesh, the prohibition of cow slaughter and sale law is in force, then teaching to cook beef can also become a serious offense under this law. This case is also directly legally responsible for inciting public sentiments. I humbly request the Vice-Chancellor and the Chief Minister that if there is truth in this matter, then take self cognizance and investigate the matter and take necessary action.

If the Vice Chancellor will attend Iftar, only the children will read the beef classification: In this episode, the students of BHU research have also opposed the question by sharing a photo of Mahamana on Facebook and wrote that ‘Mahamana Malviya ji, the leader of cow protection movement in India’ The classification of beef is being taught and asked under the leadership of the Vice-Chancellor in Bagiya. The cow and Ganga to which Mahamana was dedicated throughout his life, today the classification of beef is being taught in his university. It is against the values ​​of the university. All this is being done under the leadership of the anti-Hindu Vice Chancellor and under his leadership the study of the classification of beef is being done. He said that when the Vice-Chancellor will attend the Iftar party, then the class of beef classification will be run.

Students mobilized for fee hike and seat allotment, protest closing OPD Apart from this, students of Ayurveda Faculty have been protesting for the last 13 days to increase the seats. Due to non-fulfillment of demands, the students of Ayurveda Faculty have once again started protest by closing OPD on Wednesday. The students say that they had given an ultimatum to the university to consider their demands till morning, but nothing has been decided yet. Due to this, they are again protesting by closing the OPD. Earlier on Monday also, the students had closed the OPD and protested fiercely.

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