Singrauli Dream 11 Winner: Luck Changed For Rs 49! Suddenly The Son Of A Tribal Poor Farmer Became A Millionaire


The fate of a young man from a tribal poor family of Singrauli district suddenly opened. Rameshwar Singh (24) is from such a poor family that there is not even a good house to live in. Rameshwar, who lives in a kutcha house, works as a guest teacher in a school to feed the family. Now suddenly there is an atmosphere of joy in the area after the lock of his luck opened overnight. The people of the village are congratulating him by feeding him sweets. Watch special report… (Dream 11 winner MP) (Singrauli Dream 11 winner) (Singrauli Dream 11 winner tribal poor farmer son) (Singrauli rs 49 on dream 11 and won rs 1 crore)

Singrauli. Without picking up a cricket bat or ball, he spent only Rs 49 and won the entire Rs 1 crore. Yes, we are talking about the tribal poor family of Singrauli district. Rameshwar Singh, who lives in Bindal village, made his team on Dream 11 in the match of India and Australia series and he became the winner. There is an atmosphere of happiness in the whole area on this success of winning Rs 1 crore sitting at home. (Singrauli Dream 11 winner) (Dream 11 winner MP)

The atmosphere of happiness in the area: Rameshwar Singh made his 9 teams on Dream-11 in the match of India and Australia series. The fate of the young man also changed with the result of the match. When he won 1 crore by investing Rs 49, he became a millionaire in a few hours. After this victory, the young man is very happy and excited. Not only this, the family and the people of the village are also congratulating the victory by feeding them sweets. Rameshwar Singh is posted in Government Pre-Secondary School, Dhangarh. Here he teaches children as a guest teacher. He was playing continuously in Dream-11, but on Monday his dream of becoming a millionaire came true.

CAIT objected to Dream 11, wrote a letter to BCCI

Was hoping to win for two years: Giving information over the phone, Rameshwar Singh said, “I am from a very poor family. I do not even have a house to live in. We always expected from Dream-11 that, one day This victory will come in my share. I used to make team on Dream-11 for the last 2 years. Many times defeat came but I did not give up. I believed that, one day I will become a millionaire and today I will win 1 crore rupees Your dream has come true.(Dream 11 winner MP) (Singrauli Dream 11 winner) (Singrauli Dream 11 winner tribal poor farmer son) (Singrauli rs 49 on dream 11 and won rs 1 crore)

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