There Is An Increased Demand For Earthen Lamps In Deepawali, Potters Hope That Their House Will Also Be Illuminated With Good Earnings


Gandhi Ashram in East Champaran District and Handicraft Center is engaged in lighting up the houses of hundreds of potters. Efforts are being made to illuminate the lives of these families with earthen lamps. The demand for the designer lamps made by them is in different states of the country (Diwali celebration in India) and abroad as well. Read more full news…

Motihari: Turkaulia Gandhi Ashram and Handicraft Center in East Champaran district are engaged in lighting up the houses of 200 potter families who do earthen work on the occasion of Diwali Puja 2022 in Motihari district of Bihar . Efforts are being made to illuminate the lives of these families with earthen lamps through the Hastkala Kendra. There is a demand for designer lamps in different states of the country as well as abroad. Work is being done by making clusters, electronic chalk has been made available to them. These artisans are not only making diyas, but are also making many clay items including idols.

Goods are also being made for Mahaparv Chhath : Artisans are also engaged in making clay items used in Chhath, the great festival of faith. Due to the good demand for the goods made of these families working through the cluster, their earnings are also getting good. The handicraft center is transporting the items made by these families to the market. Artisan Ramayana Pandit, a resident of Mathlohiar Panchayat of Harsiddhi block associated with the cluster, says that 50 people of his ward are involved in earthwork.

“50 people of the ward are involved in earthen work. The kind of items made of clay which are ordered are made and supplied. At present, different types of lamps are being made for Deepawali. From normal lamps Designer lamps are being made with them. The demand for which is high.” – Ramayana Pandit, Artisan

“The family is running with the income earned from the work of clay. Many items of clay are made from it. Many things are made from it including glass, pot, dakna, jug, pitcher. Now is the time of Deepawali and Chhath, That is why apart from the lamp, Chhath items are also being made. – Jokhia Devi, Artisan

Work is being done by making a cluster: Turkaulia Gandhi Ashram Secretary Ranjit Kumar Yadav told that this is a state government sponsored scheme. Under which hundreds of earthwork families of handicraft centers Turkaulia, Piprakothi and Harsiddhi have been brought together by forming clusters. At the same time, clay artisans who have returned from outside during the Corona period have been provided employment under this scheme, so that they can get a source of income. According to the demand, all kinds of clay items are made by the artisans here. Under the scheme, these artisans are earning good income by staying at home.

“Work is being done here under a scheme sponsored by the state government. Hundreds of earthworker families of handicraft centers Turkaulia, Piprakothi and Harsiddhi have been connected by making clusters. Along with this, the clay artisans who returned from outside during the Corona period. By linking this scheme, they have been provided employment, due to which they are getting good income. Under this scheme, clay artisans of other blocks of the district will be connected. So that other potter families can also increase their income by joining this scheme. ” – Ranjit Kumar Yadav, Secretary, Handicraft Center

Demand increased after Kovid: Due to Kovid, the market of diyas and clay items has been affected a lot for the last two years. But this year, on the occasion of Diwali and Chhath, ordinary and designer diyas are in great demand. Therefore, with the help of the government, the potters engaged in the cluster of the handicraft center are expected to earn a good income. A year ago, this center came into existence, to which the government had given ten lakh rupees.

10 lakh diyas made this year : Last year, less quantity of designer diyas were made, so there was not much supply outside, but so far this year around 10 lakh diyas have been made so that they can be made in many parts of the state including UP, Delhi, Nepal and Patna. to be sent to the district. About two thousand diyas are being made in a day. The cost has increased due to the increase in the cost of soil and firewood per tailor. Despite this, the way the demand has come, the potters associated with the cluster are expected to earn good income.

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