If MDDA Did Not Take Action On Illegal Construction, People Came On The Streets, Stopped The Work Themselves


Questions are constantly being raised on the functioning of MDDA in Rishikesh. It is alleged that MDDA is sitting blindly on these illegal constructions. Due to which the people of the displaced Pashulok colony took to the streets to stop the illegal constructions. He stopped the ongoing construction works at many places. Along with this, he also told the contractor fiercely and put the functioning of MDDA in the dock.

Rishikesh : Mussoorie Dehradun Development Authority does not seem to be taking action against illegal constructions. Due to which there is resentment among the people of Pashulok displaced colony. The local people have also warned MDDA many times, but seeing no action being taken, now they themselves have taken the lead. Yes, the local people themselves stopped the work by visiting all the big buildings being built in the area. In the event of the work being started, he also warned to protest outside the building itself.

Let us inform that despite the ban of the court, the construction of big commercial buildings illegally is going on in the Pasulok displaced colony. Despite protests and warnings by the people of the displaced colony, MDDA officials are not ready to take action on illegal constructions. In such a situation, the local people had warned the administration that they may be forced to take the law into their own hands. In the direction of realizing this warning, the people of the displaced colony are seen moving forward.

On Thursday, the people of the displaced colony reached themselves to stop the construction work of big buildings. He stopped the workers from working. The contractors were also heard fiercely. The people of the displaced colony say that due to the construction of big buildings, pure air is not reaching inside the houses living in the colony. Elderly elderly are feeling suffocated in breathing. Under compulsion, they themselves have to go to stop the construction work of the buildings.

At the same time, the local people have again cautioned the administration to take action against the illegal constructions at the earliest, otherwise the local people will be forced to approach the court again. In fact, today the people of Tehri displaced stopped about half a dozen illegal constructions. In which the displaced street number 4, street number 5, street number 7, street number 8 and a construction on the banks of the Ganges were stopped.

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