Pm Modi Roared In Mana, Located On The India-china Border, ‘for Me Every Village On The Border Is The First Village In The Country’


Addressing the countrymen in Mana, the last village of India, PM Modi said that today the mind became happy after seeing Baba Kedar and Badri Vishal and life became blessed. PM Modi further said that Mana village is known as the last village of India. But for me every village on the border is the first village in the country. PM Modi further said that the sound of a train train on the green hills will write a new story of Uttarakhand’s development.

Chamoli: Addressing the countrymen from Mana, the last village of India, PM Modi said that Mana village is known as the last village of India. But for me every village on the border is the first village in the country.

Importance of Mana: PM Modi said that 25 years ago today as a BJP worker in Uttarakhand, I had called a meeting of Uttarakhand BJP Working Committee in Mana. So my fellow workers got angry at that time. I told the workers that the day the importance of Mana in the heart of Uttarakhand BJP will be confirmed. On that day the importance of BJP will become in the heart of the people of Uttarakhand.

PM Modi said that on the completion of 75 years of the country’s independence, I had given a call at the Red Fort. This is a call for complete liberation from the mentality of slavery. This is because, even after so many years of independence, our country is so gripped by the mentality of slavery that some work of progress feels like a crime to some people.

Development work is weighed on the scales of slavery: PM Modi while targeting the opposition said that some people find every work of progress like a crime. Some people weigh the works of progress on the scales. Such people hate their heritage.

Neglect of religious places: For a long time we have had a feeling of hatred about the development of our places of faith. These people did not get tired of praising the places related to their culture abroad. But, in India, this type of work was looked upon with a contempt. These centers of faith are not just a framework, but are like life force for us. They are such powerhouses for us, who keep us alive even in the most difficult situations.

Everyone knows what happened during the construction of Somnath temple after independence. We are also familiar with the history of Ram temple. This state of slavery had brought our faith houses to a shambles. Everything was destroyed and kept. For decades the condition of our spiritual centers was such that the journey there became the most difficult journey. Where it is the dream of life to go, but the governments were such that they did not think of giving the facility to their citizens to go there. Was this injustice or not? Your answer of yes is your no to 130 crore people, so I have been entrusted with the work of God.

PM Modi said on the ropeway project: I congratulate Uttarakhand and every devotee of the country and abroad for all these development projects. May the blessings of the gurus remain, the blessings of Baba Kedar remain and the blessings of Badri Vishal also remain. May all our labor comrades also get strength, we pray this.

Uttarakhand was neglected: PM Narendra Modi said that Uttarakhand has been neglected a lot in the previous governments. Earlier, the areas which were ignored as the end of the country’s borders, we started work from there as the beginning of prosperity. Knowing the last village of the country which was neglected earlier, we have focused on the expectations of the people there.

When rail, road and ropeway reach the mountain, they bring employment with them. When rail, road and ropeway reach the mountain, then the life of the mountain also becomes easy. The sound of a train train on the green hills of the Himalayas will write a new story of Uttarakhand’s development. Dehradun airport is also serving in a new avatar. Chardham is giving a new feeling to the people of Uttarakhand as well as tourists and devotees from Allweather Road.

Increase the pace of development in Devbhoomi: PM Modi mentioned Himachal several times during his address. The PM said that when he went to Himachal, some people there told me that we had not seen the train, but you brought the Vande Bharat train. The Prime Minister said that I want to see that day in Uttarakhand also. As soon as Himachal, the pace of development in Uttarakhand increased rapidly. He said that a big network of ropeways is going to be built in Uttarakhand and Himachal.

This decade will be the decade of Uttarakhand: ‘When I came last time in the presence of Baba by his grace, some words came out, they were not mine. How did he come, why did he come, who did not know. It had gone out of its mouth that this decade would be the decade of Uttarakhand. I am sure that the power of blessings of Baba, Badri Vishal and Maa Ganga will remain on these words.

Must buy local products: Prime Minister Narendra while addressing a public meeting in Mana, the last village of the country, said that I salute the mothers and sisters here, they deserve congratulations for the kind of products they are making. I was very pleased to see them. During this, PM Modi has appealed to the travelers coming here that whenever you go on a journey, you must buy the products there. If we spend even five percent of the money we spend on our travels on local products, then it will be a big step towards promoting local products. He said that buying local products will give you satisfaction.

PM Modi said that a sensitive government that understands the plight of the poor, how the government works. Today people in every corner of the country are experiencing that during the Korana period when it was time to get the vaccine. If there were earlier governments, perhaps the vaccine would not have come here yet.

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