To Avoid Stifling Pollution, Do This Yoga Asana Easily, It Will Also Protect Against Cold


The pollution level rises in metro cities is very high. In many areas, the Air Quality Index has been recorded in the Red Zone (Red Zone 300-400 AQI) and in the Dark Red Zone (Dark Red Zone 400-500 AQI). In such a situation, Yogasan can prove to be effective to a great extent in providing relief from pollution (prevention from cold will also be there). Yoga in winter . yoga fight against pollution . yoga for lungs strong lungs by yoga .

The air of big cities is getting suffocated (Pollution in Delhi-NCR). Pollution has become a disaster for the people. Due to the Air Quality Index of many metros being in the dark red zone, people are feeling trouble in breathing as well as burning in the eyes. Haze and smoke have increased the problems of the people. For several days, many areas of the metropolis are seen wrapped in a sheet of mist. Due to the fog, people are avoiding going out on the morning walk. At present, the metropolis has turned into a gas chamber. The pollution level of many cities remains beyond 300.

People are making all efforts to keep themselves safe from pollution. While on one hand people living in metros are avoiding coming out of their homes unnecessarily, on the other hand they are also using air purifiers inside the houses. In this era of suffocating pollution, we are telling you about such yogasanas which can prove to be effective to a great extent in relieving pollution. Yoga expert Richa Sood tells that in this era of pollution, one can keep oneself healthy with Bhastrika, Kapal Bharti, Bahri and Anulom Vilom Yogasan.


Bhastrika means blacksmith’s bellows i.e. to generate heat. The first thing to do is to sit up straight. Then make money. After which you will inhale and exhale. During asanas, the pace of inhalation and exhalation can be kept slow at first, then medium and fast. While doing this asana at a fast pace, if we raise our hands up, then the capacity of our lungs increases further.

Anulom-Vilom Asana:

Anulom vilom yoga practice is helpful in removing toxins from the lungs and purifying them, reducing the excess fluid accumulated in the lungs. At the same time, it is considered quite effective in promoting the flow of oxygenated blood to the lungs. Not only this, this asana is helpful in boosting immunity and lung capacity. To do this exercise, sit in a calm posture. Close your eyes and place the right thumb on the right nostril. Now take a deep breath from the left side and release from the right side. In the same way, inhale and exhale from the other side of the nose as well.

Kapalbhati :-

Sit comfortably, keeping your spine straight. Keep your hands on your knees. The palms should be facing the sky. Take a long deep breath in. While exhaling, draw your stomach in such a way that it touches the spine. Do as much as you can. Now exhale quickly through your nose while relaxing the abdominal muscles and relaxing your navel and abdomen. In the beginning, repeat this process 10 times.

External Pranayama:

Bahya Pranayama is very beneficial for the lungs. Doing it regularly can prove to be effective in increasing the oxygen level. First of all sit in Sukhasana or Padmasana. Then take a deep long breath. While exhaling, emphasize on the stomach and pull the stomach inwards. Slowly try to put your chin on the chest. Stay in this state for some time.

Is. According to the guidelines of the World Health Organization, at present, the PM 2.5 concentration level of Delhi is about 25 times higher. Doing Pranayama, Anulom Vilom Vilom etc. Yogasanas can be very beneficial in the present time. Yoga can enable one to deal with and fight the consequences of pollution. Yoga is very beneficial in strengthening the lungs.

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