In Amroha, The Death Of An Innocent Person Due To Falling In The Pot Of Lentils, Shaved Rites Turned Into Mourning


A mundan ceremony in Amroha, Uttar Pradesh suddenly turned into mourning (Amroha mundan ceremony child died). A five-year-old child died after falling in a hot pot of dal made for the feast. This incident caused a furore in the family.

Amroha: An accident took place in a shaving ceremony in Saidangali police station area of ​​the district. A five-year-old child fell in a hot pot of lentils prepared for the feast, causing his death (Child died in Amroha mundan ceremony). This incident has created a cry in the family.

This incident is from Karanpur Sutari village of Saidangali police station area. Bharat Singh Khadagvanshi had his five-year-old son Sushil’s mundan ceremony performed at Ganga Ghat on Sunday. On this happy occasion, he had organized a feast. There was an atmosphere of happiness in the house. A feast was being celebrated for dinner. In the meantime, the confectioners had kept the hot bhagona inside the room on the same level as the bed when the lentils were ready.

The child who had been shaved, climbed on the bed while playing. In the meantime, while playing, he fell into the hot pot of lentils. The child was badly burnt by this. The family members had rushed him to a private hospital in the city. But, doctors had referred the child to Meerut, stating the condition was critical. Where the child died after falling into vegetable pot Amroha on the night of 6 November while being taken on the way. The deceased five-year-old Sushil was the youngest of three brothers. Due to this incident, the mother was in a bad condition. At the same time, the family cremated the dead body without legal action.

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