Suryakumar Follows This Diet Plan For His Fitness


The semi-final match will be played between India and England on Thursday 10 November. In this, all eyes will be on Suryakumar Yadav. His food and drink also have an important role in the success of Suryakumar Yadav.

Adelaide: His diet also plays an important role in the success of star player Suryakumar Yadav and this world’s number one T20 International batsman takes special care of his diet. Suryakumar stays away from cheat meals (high-calorie food at some point during the diet) and consumes less carbohydrates while consuming a little caffeine.

Renowned dietician and sports nutritionist Shweta Bhatia, who worked with Suryakumar, spoke about how the world’s number one T20 International batsman planned and worked on his body. Shweta told PTI, We have been working with him for the last one year. He wanted to improve his overall fitness. I helped improve her understanding of sports nutrition.

Shweta said that Surya’s diet is made on the agenda of five points. Improvement in performance during first training and match. Second and most important, maintaining the level of body fat (12 to 15 percent) according to the players. Third, staying energetic with food and drink. Fourth, reducing the urge to overeat and last but most importantly, helping to recover which is of paramount importance to the player.

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Shweta has reduced her carbohydrate intake to the lowest level to increase Suryakumar’s flexibility to achieve top results. The latest research shows how performance can be maintained and at the same time enhanced by consuming fewer carbohydrates, he said.

Shweta said, we removed most of the carbohydrates from Surya’s diet. His diet includes healthy fats like almonds and omega three. He takes in non-vegetarian products (eggs, meats, fish), a lot of protein from dairy and fiber and carbohydrates from vegetables.

Hydration is paramount for an athlete which includes fluids and electrolytes. Apart from this, Surya also uses caffeine to increase strength and it is included in his ‘Power Supplement’ drink. Shweta is proud that Suriya gives a lot of attention to his fitness and his diet rarely includes ‘cheat meals’ like ice cream, mutton biryani or pizza.

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