About Us

Newsnol.com is an independent online news publishing website that publishes news from the entertainment industry along with India based news headlines. Newsnol.com started by Newsnol Media Pvt. Ltd. caters to the needs of a wide audience.

Srineth worked for more than 7 years for various media houses. He has immense experience in the field of online journalism. He was always interested in online content publishing, and that is why he quit his day job and started his own venture Newsnol.com, a news publishing website.

Initially, he was the one who did everything from setting up the website to managing and marketing the content. But, later as the work pressure increased, he added some more team members to take this website further.

The team members have good experience and expertise in the relevant field which helps Newsnol.com to grow well. Ever since the website was launched, the audience base has been gradually increasing, and in recent months, the growth has been astonishing.

The team is very excited to learn different things and apply the learnings to their work to further improve themselves and the website.

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