Chinese Company’s Electric Scooter For Only 8 Thousand Rupees, Features Are Rocking The Market


NIU Mavericks NQi Electric Scooter: Electric scooter has created a stir in the world of bikes and vehicles. Recently, NIU, a Chinese company making an electric scooter, is launching its very new electric scooter NIU Mavericks NQi. The best part is that this scooter has been made keeping kids in mind. This scooter can run up to 7.5 kilometers in a single charge. This is a very durable scooter. Its features are such that will surprise you. Talking about the price, this scooter will be available at a very low price. This scooter has been launched in China.

NIU Mavericks NQi Electric Scooter Price

The NIU Mavericks NQi Series Electric Scooter is a very affordable two wheeler. Talking about its price, its price in China is 699 Yuan, which is Rs 8,399 in Indian currency.

NIU Mavericks NQi Electric Scooter Features

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For your information, let us tell you that the weight of NIU Mavericks NQi electric scooter is only 11 kg and this is its most important thing. Even though the weight of this scooter is 11 kg, it is capable of washing up to 80 kg. Special features are available for children in this scooter. In this you also get the support of USB and SD card. In this you can play music. You also get ambient lighting in it.

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You get a control system in this scooter. In this, you get three gear options. In this you get auxiliary wheels. In this you get stability. Talking about the battery, you are given a 12V4.5A lead acid battery in it. This scooter runs at a speed of 5 kilometers per hour. To charge you in this scooter, it runs for 7.5 kilometers i.e. 90 minutes.

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