Gadar Bikes Are Available For 52 Thousand, Speed Will Be Filled By Smelling Petrol


New Delhi: Rising inflation has made everyone’s air tight. The prices of greens, vegetables, fruits etc. even petrol and diesel are increasing continuously. While on the one hand, the demand for electronic vehicles is increasing in the Indian market due to rising inflation, on the other hand, if people want to buy a new petrol vehicle, then they pay more attention to the powerful engine and high mileage vehicle, because the high mileage vehicle Due to which the cost of petrol is reduced, due to which the budget of the common man remains.

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If you are also thinking of buying a new bike with low price, powerful engine and high mileage, then in this news we will tell you about some such bike which gives you powerful engine and high mileage.

* TVS Sport

If you also go to buy a new bike, then first of all take care about its mileage because if the bike gives more mileage then your petrol expenses will be less. TVS sport bike will be absolutely better for you in terms of mileage because TVS sport bike gives mileage ranging from 70 to 95 kilometers per liter. Talking about the engine, a 109CC engine has been given in this bike, which is capable of generating torque of 8.18bhp. Talking about the price of TVS Sports bike, the ex-showroom price of this bike ranges from 60 thousand to 66 thousand rupees.

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* Hero HF Deluxe

Talking about the mileage of Hero HF Deluxe bike, this bike gives a mileage of more than 100 kilometers per litre. It has a 97.2CC engine which generates torque of 8.5Nm with power of 5.9kW. Talking about the price, the ex-showroom price of this bike ranges from 56 thousand to 63 thousand rupees.

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* Bajaj CT110X

Talking about the mileage of this bike, its mileage ranges from about 70 to 85 kilometers per litre. The engine has been given in it of 110cc which generates torque of 9.81Nm with power of 8.6PS. The price of this bike is around 66 thousand rupees, which is the ex-showroom price.

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