Honda’s Electric Activa Will Kill Everyone, Know When It Will Be Launched


New Delhi: If there is any best selling scooter in the automobile industry then it is Honda Activa . The popularity of Honda Activa has grown so much that if anyone makes up his mind to buy a new scooter, then the name of Honda Activa first comes to his mind.

Activa has ruled the hearts of its customers for many years and has carved a niche for itself in the market, which hardly anyone has been able to compete with till now. Talking about sales, the sales figures of this scooter are more than other companies.

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Activa has progressed so much that its 3G, 4G, 5G etc. variants are present in the market. Where on one hand there is a spurt in the demand of Honda Activa, on the other hand the demand for electric scooters is also increasing very fast in the Indian market, keeping this in view, Honda Activa has decided to bring its new electronic scooter.

For many days such news has been in the headlines that soon Honda is going to introduce electronic Activa and now the possibility of its launch has also been told by the company. Let us tell you that according to a report, it has been found that Honda electronic scooter Will be launched next year i.e. by the month of June 2024. Let us explain in detail what are the features and what are the features of this Honda Electric Scooter.

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Features of Honda Electric Scooter

Let us tell you that this electric scooter of Honda has been told by the company that it will be launched in 3 variants. First variant standard, second deluxe and third variant smart. There is a possibility that the top speed of this electronic scooter can be 50 kilometers per hour. However, other features have not been revealed yet.

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Expected price of Honda Electric Activa

Talking about the possible price of Honda Electronic Activa, the price of the electric variant is around Rs 74,534, which is the ex-showroom price. At present, no one has officially confirmed its prices, when its launching date is confirmed, only then its prices will be revealed.

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