Buy A Bag Of Salt On This Day, Every Wish Will Be Fulfilled With Miracles, Bad Luck Will Also Go Away.


Many such measures have been mentioned in astrology, which do not cost even a nominal amount, but their effect is immediate and they change your luck. If you also want to change your luck and bring good luck out of the house by taking out poverty, misfortune, then do these measures told by astrologers for Akshaya Tritiya.

Buy salt bag on Akshaya Tritiya Sat, Apr 22, 2023

According to astrologers, buying salt on Akshaya Tritiya removes your bad luck and fulfills your wishes. So, if you also want to fulfill your desired wishes, then on the occasion of Akshaya Tritiya, buy a bag of salt and bring it home before 12 midnight. You will see its effect only in the next seven days.

Recite Sunderkand

Today is Akshaya Tritiya on Tuesday. In such a situation, if you go to any Hanuman temple near you, after 8 o’clock in the night, offer jaggery and gram, light a lamp of desi ghee and recite Sundar Kand in a clear voice. After this, chant 11 rounds of Ram’s name and pray to Bajrang Bali to fulfill your wish, then your wish will be fulfilled in the next few days. But do keep one thing in mind that whenever your wish is fulfilled, do feed jaggery and gram to the monkeys, along with this donate something to the beggars to eat.

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All wishes will be fulfilled by Rudrabhishek

In astrology, Rudrabhishek has been described as a way to fulfill all wishes. It is said that on the occasion of Akshaya Tritiya, whatever worship-recitation, chanting-penance etc. are done, they get thousand times the fruit. Therefore, on the day of Akshaya Tritiya, you should get Rudrabhishek done in a Shiva temple, this will avert even the biggest crisis that may come upon you and all your wishes will be fulfilled.

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