Cheaper And Costlier In Budget 2023: What Became Cheap, What Became Expensive, A Look


Many items including toys have become cheaper due to reduction in customs duty. These include camera lenses, mobile parts and cycles. Country kitchen has become expensive.

New Delhi: People have high hopes from the budget of the government. Because on the basis of this budget, the budget of the people’s house for the next one year is prepared. Everyone’s eyes are on the relief scheme in the budget announcements. After the relief in income tax, most of the people want to know about the cheap or expensive things.

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LED television will be cheaper,
electronic vehicles will
be cheaper, things related to bio gas will be cheaper
, toys, cycles will be cheaper.
Customs duty was raised to 13 per cent.
Import duty on batteries will be deducted.
LED televisions will be cheaper.
Mobile phones, cameras will be cheap.

Goods that have become expensive,
cigarettes will be expensive,
kitchen gas chimney will be expensive.
Jewelery made of gold and silver will be cheap.
Cigarettes will be expensive.
Announcement of savings scheme for women.
7.5% interest will be given on savings of two lakhs.
Senior citizens can now deposit up to Rs.30 lakhs instead of Rs.15 lakhs.
In the Monthly Income Scheme, an account holder can deposit up to Rs 9 lakh instead of Rs 4.5 lakh.
‘Amrit Dharohar Yojana will be implemented in the next three years, in which the focus will be on marshy land, eco-tourism and providing employment to local communities.

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Promotion of self-reliant India
The government is taking initiative in the direction of making the country self-reliant. In this sequence, the government can increase the customs duty to strengthen the ‘Make in India’ program launched in 2014. In the last budget also, the Finance Minister had emphasized on strengthening domestic manufacturing by increasing the import duty on many items like imitation jewellery, umbrellas and earphones. In such a situation, the import duty on many other goods is set to increase this year as well and then their Make in India products can get benefited.

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