If You Have A Picture In A One Rupee Coin, You Will Get A Lot Of Money, Know How


1 Rupee Old coin: It is very difficult to earn money, but today we are going to tell you a very easy way. Yes, in this way neither you will need to go out nor sweat. You can easily do this work sitting at home. You must have heard about antique things. But today we will tell you about antique coins and notes which people like very much.

We all know that there are many old coins and notes which do not work. These coins do not run because the government closes them. Now even if it does not work in the market, but people earn a lot of money by selling it. People get ready to pay lakhs of rupees to sell it. Although all notes and coins run in the market, but today we will tell you about one rupee coin which is very much in demand. Let us tell you about its specialty.

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specialty of old 1 rupee coin

For your information, let us tell you that the coin we are talking about was actually made at the time of Queen Victoria. If we talk about the specialty, then the mark of H should be made on the coin of 1 rupee. Not only this, the year 1862 must be written on it. Along with the year being written, there should also be a bud of paddy on it. Believe me, you will get 2 lakh rupees for one coin.

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Sell ​​notes and coins like this

To sell these old notes and coins, you have to register yourself as a seller on the Www.Ebay.Com portal. After this, you have to enter details about yourself. After doing all this, click on the picture of the coin you have and upload it on it. Just after this your work is over.

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