Pathaan Ticket Price Drop: The Ticket Of ‘pathan’ Became Cheaper, Now How The Film Will Touch The Figure Of 1000 Crores, Know Here


Pathan Ticket Cheaper: After the immense success of Pathan at the worldwide box office, the ticket prices of the film have been reduced. Now the film will cross the figure of 1000 crores worldwide? Let’s know.

Mumbai: Shahrukh Khan’s film ‘Pathan’ is still ‘alive’ at the worldwide box office after seven days. The film was released on January 25 on the occasion of Republic Day and has been earning tremendously since day one. The film had an opening of Rs 55 crores at the Indian box office and has crossed the worldwide mark of Rs 600 crores by earning Rs 21 crores on the seventh day. Now work is being done on a new formula to increase Pathan’s earnings. The tickets of the film Pathan have been made cheaper in order to mobilize the audience in theatres.

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Now how much will the Pathan ticket cost?

According to media reports, the ticket price of Pathan has been reduced by 25 percent from last Monday. The film Pathan, made in a budget of Rs 250 crore, has made its big profit in a week itself and now the tickets of Pathan are being given to the audience at low prices. Before this, the ticket prices of many films have been reduced, but just 5 days after the release, the film Pathan has become the first film to increase the ticket price.

What is the mathematics of collection?

Let me tell you, there is a different scale of distributing films in theatres. For example, the Delhi region includes the areas of Delhi, UP and Uttarakhand. At the same time, the Bombay circuit covers the areas of Goa, Mumbai, Gujarat and Maharashtra and the southern state of Karnataka. In such a situation, filmmakers deal with sector-wise distributors on a sector-wise basis. The distributor buys the film according to its sector. Distributors take films to theaters sector wise. Both Filmex and the distributor have a share in the net collection of the film. Let us tell you, the ticket price is called gross collection, but the ticket price after tax is called net collection. Let me tell you, in the first week’s collection, the share of the distributor and the filmmakers remains equal and after that the share of the distributor goes on decreasing.

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Formula to reduce ticket prices?

Let us tell you, the ticket prices are reduced in several phases. First when the state government itself makes the film tax free. Many times the distributors and filmmakers themselves reduce the ticket prices after earning huge profits in the first week of the film. When the ticket price is low, more viewers run to the theaters and the film’s earnings increase even more.

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Will Pathan earn 1000 crores?

Pathan has crossed the Rs 600 crore mark in just 7 days. Now after the reduction in the prices of the film, more audience will rush to the theatres, due to which the collection of the film will increase a lot. In such a situation, it can be said that 1000 crore rupees from Pathan’s bag did not go anywhere.

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