Childhood Obesity: These 4 Favorite Things Of Children Are Increasing Their Weight, Control From Today Itself


Premature weight gain in children can be the cause of many health problems. Also, unhealthy diet can also be the main reason for this. In this article of Health Shots, know about the food items that can cause your child to gain weight.

Only a mother can take the responsibility of taking care of the smallest things of the children and paying attention to their diet. Also, due to the fast food trend, the most difficult task is to include nutrition in the diet of children.

Most of the children come and go when they eat at home. Because of which we allow them to eat outside things. This mistake of ours can cause childhood obesity and other major health problems in children. In this article of Health Shots, know about the food items that can cause your child to gain weight.

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First of all, know the main reasons for increasing weight in children.

According to research by the Mayo Clinic, consuming more calories than food or avoiding physical activity has been found to be the main reason for weight gain in children. Research has also found that genetic and hormonal changes can also cause weight gain at a young age.

These things can become the reason for weight gain in children

1. Soft drinks

To complete any junk food, the support of soft drinks is definitely taken. Along with this, there is a lot of craze among children regarding soft drinks. While this thing can prove to be a slow poison for children.

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Many studies have found that our body absorbs liquid calories more quickly. Which can cause rapid weight gain. Consumption of soft drinks can disturb the natural weight in children by increasing calories.

2. Breakfast Cereals

Breakfast cereals can be a good option to prepare breakfast quickly, but consuming it daily can also be harmful for your children. Breakfast cereals are prepared with refined grains. It is considered a highly processed food which can also cause weight gain in your kids.

According to a research by PubMed Central, breakfast cereals may contain high amounts of sugar along with refined carbs. Which can be the cause of obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

3. Packaged Foods

Consumption of packaged foods such as chips, chocolates can also cause weight gain in children. They are high in calories, sugar, refined carbohydrates, artificial chemicals and low in nutrients and fiber.

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According to the Cell Processed Journal, consumption of processed and packaged foods in large quantities can cause weight gain.

4. Frozen Foods

Frozen Foods means ready-to-eat food which can be prepared within a few minutes. The easier life has been made with frozen foods, the more it has increased the risk of health problems. It is also high in sodium along with refined carbohydrates, artificial chemicals, which along with high blood pressure can also cause heart disease and weight gain.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, frozen foods are high in calories, sodium and low in essential nutrients such as protein and vitamins. Its long-term use can cause many dangerous diseases.

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