Do Not Cook These Things In Aluminum Utensils, It Affects Health Along With Taste


For tasty food and good health, you take special care from the freshness of the vegetables to the oil used to cook them. Despite this, do you know that your small mistake done unknowingly can spoil this perfect combination of health and taste made for your family.

Aluminum utensils react with acidic foods and these metal particles get mixed in the food, due to which the amount of aluminum increases in the body. Let’s know about it…

tomato gravy or sauce

This is because tomato is of acidic nature and if it is cooked for a long time in aluminium, then its taste is affected.

Vinegar and its related dishes

Vinegar also reacts strongly with aluminum. It is not considered right to keep vinegar and its related dishes in aluminum.

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red meat

Red meat and processed meat are the most common acidic foods in the Western diet. This is the reason why never cook red meat in this metal vessel. This can prove to be very harmful for you.

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The best non stick cookware is for making hotcakes. These are more secure than aluminum container, so you ought to make hotcakes in these utensils.

starchy foods

Boring food varieties are likewise acidic, and cooking them in an aluminum skillet can be awful for you. It can likewise consume metal, so don’t cook such food varieties in these dish or different utensils.

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