Do You Also Often Have Pain In Your Neck? Experts Are Telling Its Reason And Preventive Measures


Neck pain often occurs due to sitting with the neck bent for a long time or due to wrong posture. Learn from experts how you can avoid this problem.

All the muscles of our body are connected to each other, in such a situation even a small carelessness can cause many problems. Similarly, the problem of neck pain also needs special attention. Because ignoring it a bit also becomes the cause of headache and back pain. Sitting in the same posture for a long time or wrong exercise can be the main reason for this. But if you have had this problem for a long time, then it can also be a cause for concern.

What are the common causes of neck pain

The entire weight of the head rests on our neck, which makes it more prone to strain or injury. According to expert Dr. Vipul Gupta, these reasons have been found responsible for neck pain –

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1. Muscle cramps

Using a smart phone, laptop or reading a book for a long time without moving the head and neck can lead to muscle strain. Due to this, there can be a problem of neck pain.

2. Sudden injury

Sometimes injuries like collision or blow to the head can also lead to stretching of the soft tissues of the neck.

3. Nerve Compression

Bone spurs can also sometimes put pressure on the nerves coming from the spinal cord, due to which pain starts in the neck.

4. Wear and tear on joints

As a person gets old, the problem of neck pain starts due to minor injuries in his joints.

Why does neck pain sometimes radiate to the head?

Dr Vipul Gupta says that pain radiating from the neck to the head can be caused by a number of problems, but the most common one is known as cervicogenic headache.

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Where neck pain is felt in the back of the head. This is usually due to whiplash (neck injury) or due to a slight strain in the neck. Neck pain can also be felt in problems like migraine, in which case our body puts the burden of headache on the neck.

How to get rid of this problem?

Answering this question, Dr. Vipul Gupta told that many tips and techniques are used to get relief from neck pain.

Some people get relief only from medicines. So many people need physical therapy to strengthen weak muscles. Also, in cases where the neck nerve is blocked, surgery is the only option.

Experts are telling some ways to get relief from neck pain
According to Dr. Vipul Gupta, these easy tips can be followed to reduce neck and headache-

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1. Improve the working environment

Sometimes we unknowingly work in unhealthy workplace where we have to sit at one place for many hours. This leads to many problems with the spine, neck as well as posture. Therefore, if you have to work for long hours, pay special attention to the workplace.

2. Improve Sleep Posture

Getting enough sleep along with changing your sleep position is very important to get relief from neck pain and headache.

3. Make exercise a habit

According to experts, it can be better to do exercise or yoga to solve this problem. Getting into the habit of physical activity can also help strengthen neck muscles and relieve pain.

4. Must do stress management

Just as stress has become a common cause of many health issues. Similarly, putting excessive amounts of stress on the muscles of the neck can also increase the risk of neck pain or injury. Due to which it becomes even more important to do stress management.

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