If You Also Go To Gym Or Do Hard Core Exercise Then Definitely Take These 4 Pre Workout Meals


Just like any vehicle needs fuel to run, similarly your body also needs the right fuel for the right workout. It is supplied by pre workout meal.

Even now, there is a belief in the minds of many people that it is best to go for exercise on an empty stomach. Although it can be considered correct about yoga. But fitness experts have different advice about hard workouts. Most fitness experts agree that exercising after a light meal helps you work better. That’s why it is important that you also take light meals before going to the gym or your workout session. For your convenience, here an expert is telling 4 pre workout meals and their benefits.

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If you are also a fitness enthusiast and are crazy about gym or exercise, then these 4 pre workout meals are for you. You cannot remain fit by exercising only by going to the gym, along with exercise, meal and diet are also necessary. You can exercise well by going to the gym, you do not get tired, for that it is important that you take a good diet not only after exercise but also before exercise.

Pre-workout meal is an important part of any fitness routine. Eating the right meals before training can fuel your workout. When you have good energy, you can get results quicker and you will be able to reach your health and fitness goals more easily.

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Nutritionist and wellness expert Karishma Shah has told about some such diets that you can take as your pre-workout meal.


Oats are one of the most trending foods packed with fiber and other beneficial nutrients. Oats release carbohydrates slowly. It supplies energy and maintains energy levels throughout the workout. Oats are also a good source of B vitamins which convert carbohydrates into energy. Try to include unprocessed oats in your diet for better results


Banana is a natural source of energy. It is full of carbohydrates and potassium which gives energy to the nerves and muscles. It improves your efficiency and increases the amount of fat in your body. Along with several vitamins and minerals, bananas also enhance digestion and help kick start exercise.

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protein shake

These are very popular among gym goers. Protein is very important for the development of muscles, bones and even skin.

Desi cheese

You may want to have this at least an hour before your workout. Cottage cheese is high in protein and conjugated linoleic acid, which helps in weight loss by increasing the fat burning process. Eating it with bread gives you a good amount of carbs, which is not available with paneer.

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