If You Want To Avoid Diseases, Then Put The Habit Of Walking, It Is Necessary To Walk After Every Half An Hour


To reduce the negative effects of sitting, take a light walk for five minutes every half hour. This important conclusion has come out in new research, which has been published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. 

We asked 11 healthy middle-aged and older adults to sit in our lab for five days for the ideal eight hours of working time. On day one, the participants sat for a full eight hours, only taking brief breaks to go to the urinal. In the rest of the day, different strategies were devised to break his habit of continuous sitting and take light walks. 

Walk for five minutes every half hour

For example, on one day participants were asked to walk for one minute every half hour, while on another day they were asked to walk for five minutes every hour. Its purpose was to find out that the minimum amount of walking can reduce the health effects of sedentary work. 

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Especially during this time, blood sugar levels and blood pressure were measured, which are important risk factors for cardiovascular diseases. The study found that five minutes of light walking every half hour is the only strategy that can lower blood pressure and blood sugar compared to sitting all day. Specifically, walking for five minutes every half hour reduced the postprandial rise in blood sugar by up to 60 percent. 

walking reduces fatigue

This strategy also reduced blood pressure by four to five points compared to sitting all day. But short-term, but irregular walking also improves blood pressure. Even walking for one minute every hour was shown to reduce blood pressure by five points. 

Along with physical health benefits, walking at regular intervals also has a positive effect on mental health. During the study, the mental status of the participants was also assessed with the help of a questionnaire. 

It found that walking for five minutes every half hour left participants feeling less tired and in a better mood, and helped them remain more energetic, compared to sitting for the rest of the day. We’ve found that even taking a short walk every hour can improve mood and reduce fatigue. 

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why it matters

People who work sitting for long hours become victims of other serious diseases including diabetes and heart. People who work sitting all day have a higher rate of the above diseases than those who walk all day. Low physical activity also increases the risk of premature death and daily exercise alone cannot eliminate the ill effects of sitting. 

The amount of time adults spend sitting at work has increased steadily over the decades in countries such as the United States due to advances in technology. Many adults now spend most of their time sitting. This problem has increased further after the Kovid-19 epidemic. 

People have started working from far away home and these days they get out of the house less. So it is clear that this strategy needs to be adopted to deal with the emerging health problems of the 21st century. 

should sit less and move more

Current guidelines recommend that adults “should sit less and move more”; But these recommendations do not provide any specific advice or strategy on how often to walk. This study has presented an easy and practical strategy. 

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Take a brisk walk for five minutes every half hour. If your job or lifestyle involves sitting for long periods of time, this one practical change can reduce the health hazards of sitting. 

Our study offers clear guidelines for employers on how they can encourage healthy workplaces. While this may sound counterintuitive, taking regular breaks can actually help employees work more effectively without having to stop working. 

Who doesn’t know yet

This study focused primarily on taking short walk breaks. Some walking strategies, such as walking for one minute every hour, did not reduce blood pressure. There are currently 25 strategies being worked out to reduce the health effects of prolonged sitting. 

Many adults work in jobs like driving trucks, taxis, for which it is not possible to take a walk every half an hour. In such a situation, alternative strategy is being worked out, which will give good results to the public with different options and ultimately give people a chance to choose the best strategy according to their lifestyle.

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