If You Want To Burn Calories Without Going To The Gym, Then Do Bhangra Fiercely, We Tell You The Benefits


Dancing is nothing but fun with loud music, warmth of bonfire and taste of peanuts. This fun Punjabi dance of Lohri will boost your mental health and burn extra calories as well.

Laziness surrounds us from all sides as soon as the winter season comes. In such a situation, from morning walk to going to the gym, we are not able to do all kinds of workouts on time.

That’s why the festival of Lohri is celebrated in the lazy winter. Whether you add giddha or bhangra, both can help you burn calories.

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Yes, when there is loud and fun music, no one can stop themselves from dancing. This fun dance of only 15 to 20 minutes can give you relief from many mental and physical problems (benefits of dance).

Before dancing, know why we are recommending it

1 stress will go away

Be it home or office, the mind is always surrounded by worries. If you want to reduce the stress of your life, then Bhangra or Giddha done for some time will be able to give better results than all other medicines.
By doing a few steps of any dance, you feel a new energy and enthusiasm inside you. At the same time the lost faith starts re-awakening within you.

2 Sleep problem will go away

Half an hour of dance therapy done throughout the day will help you sleep peacefully at night. Actually, by doing bhangra or giddha, all the parts of your body move, due to which the body also experiences fatigue for a few days.

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3 Increases Concentration

Dance completely refreshes our mind and we free ourselves from all other worries and focus only on Bhangra or Gidda. Due to this, our concentration starts increasing and we can easily do any work with full heart. Dancing for a few minutes throughout the day is beneficial for health. Also makes you mentally strong. This also increases your work efficiency.

4 The problem of loss of appetite will be solved

Often people have the problem of loss of appetite. When you do Punjabi dance regularly for a few days, it automatically solves the problem of loss of appetite. Now you start taking more diet than before and your face also starts glowing. Not only this, you start feeling younger than before. Which increases the positivity in you.

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Keep these things in mind before starting dance

Avoid dancing for long during periods.

Do not dance immediately after eating food.

Do not drink water repeatedly during Bhangra or Giddha. Due to this, you may also have a problem of stomach pain.

You can eat any fruit before starting the dance.

After the dance is over, drink healthy snacks, so that energy can circulate in your body.

Will be free from these troubles

Get rid of the problem of fatigue and back pain

forgetfulness will go away

Mental stress will be relieved

Dance steps will be helpful in weight loss

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