If You Want To Keep Weight Control Like A Soldier, Then Follow His Special Fitness Funda


You too would want a balanced body like the soldiers. Let us know which funds they adopt for their weight management.
We have many problems due to lifestyle and food. Weight gain and obesity are the main problems caused by it. We sit continuously at one place for hours. There is no movement in our body.

But our body keeps on gaining calories in the form of food. But it does not burn favorable calories. It is from here that fat deposition starts in the body. You must have seen the balanced body of the soldiers. Following the rules of science, they focus only on exercise and diet (army fitness), both of them for weight management.

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First of all prevention of accumulation of extra fat

Washington’s Institute of Medicine researched the methods of weight management of American soldiers. The research article based on this has also been included in Pub Med Central.

The weight management of male-female soldiers of America is done on the basis of body mass index and presence of body fat in their body. This process is completely scientific. The most important task of an effective weight management program is the prevention of accumulation of excess fat.

The goal is to foster an environment that promotes weight loss as well as the maintenance of a healthy body and composition. Soldiers are therefore informed about the underlying causes of excess weight gain along with strategies to maintain a healthy body weight.

Importance of Physical Activity

Soldiers who were seen to have gained weight were asked to do more physical activity. He was given regular exercise. Physical activity performed at a faster pace and with a higher duration and frequency.

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It was observed that 10 to 11 hours of aerobic exercise per month increased high-density lipoprotein. High density lipoproteins are good cholesterol.

strength training with aerobic exercise

Researchers emphasize this time that aerobic exercise is good for weight maintenance. But it is very important to combine strength training and resistance exercise with aerobic exercise.
This can bring great results in the long term.

Because strength training builds muscle. The loss of lean body mass may be minimal. Fat can decrease more in the body. With the loss of weight, the metabolic rate of the body can increase.

dining environment

To manage the weight of soldiers, the eating environment at home, office and other places like eating places, stores, movie theaters etc. is observed.

These are important guidelines for the common people as well. This includes favoring fruits, vegetables, non-fat dairy products, foods of low energy density and high nutritional value.

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Where eating facilities are available, weight can be managed by prioritizing the habit of eating nutritious food instead of having candy bars or chips packets. Research also points to science-proven factors and habits that help in weight loss.

Here are such eating habits that can promote weight gain, it is necessary to change

1. Eating less or not eating at all at home

2. Eating high-fat, high-calorie foods

3. Eating too many high-fat snack foods

Here are some tips for weight management, which you can also adopt

1. Cook food at home and carry a lunch bag

2. If you go out to eat, then measure the calories of the food before eating
3. Do not eat food after identifying excessive fat
4. If you consume high-calorie foods, consume fewer calories accordingly.

5. If there is a particular eating space food preference, don’t pass that way to avoid excessive calorie gain

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