If You Want To Reduce Belly Fat Without Going To The Gym, Then Do Bhujangasan Everyday, You Will Get More Benefits


Do you not get time to go to gym or walk and because of this your weight is increasing or you are not able to feel active. So let us tell you one such asana which you can do comfortably at home.

Many women are such that due to being involved in household chores, they are unable to take out time for themselves, which affects their mental state.

Sometimes it becomes difficult for women who go to office and take care of both the house and pay attention to their health. So let’s tell you today about Bhujangasan posture which you can do comfortably at home or anywhere.

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What is Bhujangasana

Bhujangasana is also called backbend pose or cobra pose. Bhujangasana is a Sanskrit word in which Bhujang means snake. It is called Bhujangasana because half of the body rises upwards and forms the shape of a snake. Bhujangasana can be done comfortably at home.

How to do Bhujangasana

First of all, spread the yoga mat on the floor and lie down on the mat on the stomach, keep both hands next to the head and apply the forehead to the ground.

During this, keep both your legs back and straight and make a little distance between the two legs.
Now bring the palms of both your hands equal to your shoulders. Now taking a long deep breath, take the support of the ground, raise the body above your stomach.

First of all, raise your head, then your chest and finally your stomach.

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While inhaling the breath, look upwards in this asana and stop for a few seconds.
While exhaling, slowly come back to the first position.

Repeat this asana 4 to 5 times in the same way.

Know here 5 benefits of doing Bhujangasana regularly everyday

1 Alleviates Depression

Yoga also gives mental peace. Things like meditation can improve mental health. Including yoga in the routine for a long time has health benefits. In one study, a hatha yoga program was conducted, in which yoga bhujangasana was practiced twice a week. Results after 8 weeks showed a reduction in the symptoms of depression in the participants.

2 Relieves back pain

Bhujangasana is beneficial for the waist, back and spine . It gives relief from back pain and back pain. Bhujangasana can be done to relieve back and back pain caused by sitting at one place for a long time. It stretches the waist and back.

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3 Improves Lung Health

Bhujangasana can be beneficial to keep the lungs healthy and well. It has been told in the research of NCBI that yoga is very helpful for problems related to the lungs. The control of breath in this asana is considered good for the lungs.

4 Relieves neck and shoulder pain

According to a research in the Indian Journal of Palliative Care, stretching is done in Bhujangasana, which helps in making the body flexible. It has been told in this research that stretching postures can be beneficial for the shoulders, back and neck as well as for the whole body.

5 Reduces belly fat

In a research by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, it was told that there are many asanas for abdominal obesity in women, of which Bhujangasana is also one.

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