Increases Both Fat And Weight, These 4 Carelessness Of Yours Seems Normal In Winter


Chilly nights and foggy days are enough to make us sluggish. In such a situation, if you want to keep yourself fat free, then avoid doing the daily routine mistakes given below. Let us know, what precautions should be taken to deal with such a situation.
Laziness in winter, eating hot food and then chewing gajak or peanuts for a long time. Sounds great. But if you too have made these things a part of your daily routine. So be careful. Because after a whole year of hard work and sweat, the body which looks fit and fine is now slowly moving towards weight gain. If you want to keep your body slim and fit, then avoid making these mistakes ( causes of weight gain in winter).

what the research says about

According to research from the University of Exeter, the desire to eat more in the winter months is mentioned in biology. Researchers suggest that we have a natural tendency to eat more in winter.

According to Jule Anne Henstenberg, RD, director of the nutrition program at La Salle University, we should consume high-fiber-rich fruits and vegetables before heading to a party. Carrot, apple and salad can be taken in this.

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Research has found that when we go out of the house, we eat more. Studies show that we can take in 40% more calories than our daily intake. Research says that what we eat is not related to hunger. In fact, the greater the variety of foods available in the diet. The more likely you are to eat more.

Here are the reasons that increase your weight and fat

1 Staying In Bed For Too Long

During winter the nights become longer and the days shorter. In such a situation, instead of summer, we sleep late in the winter season. Sleeping too long is also one of the main reasons for weight gain . Especially after eating food, fats start accumulating in the body by lying on the bed. There is no doubt that biting cold somewhere prevents us from getting out of bed.
Research has found that sleeping hormones and melatonin start increasing in the body by staying in bed for a long time. This completely messes up your sleep and wake cycles. Try to sleep early and wake up early in the morning as well.

2 Festivals and Wedding Season

In the winter season, many festivals start coming one after the other. Apart from this, if Witter is called the wedding season, then it will not be wrong in any sense. Where there is absolutely no restriction on food and drink. He eats according to his mind without thinking. Whether it is a festival or a wedding, it is inevitable to gain weight in both cases. In such a situation, diet should be controlled. So that your body weight is controlled.

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3 Missing Workouts

Due to the cold, people shy away from doing workouts and going to the gym. Due to this lethargy starts increasing inside our body. Also, calories are not burnt, which proves to be the cause of obesity . If you want to remove the calories stored in such weather from your body, then go for a walk twice in the morning and evening. This makes the blood circulation of the body regular.
Also, we feel fresh throughout the day. Apart from this, extra fat does not get stored in the body. If you do not want to come out of the house, walk inside the house for some time . Climb and descend the stairs together, so that energy develops in your body.

4 Increasing Calorie Intake

In winter, we start eating home-made laddoos, gajak, chikki and many types of parathas daily. Which proves to be the most important reason for weight gain. In such a situation, to prevent your weight from increasing, eat seasonal fruits and vegetables. Also avoid eating too much sweets. Which is helpful in increasing the calories in the body.

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take care of these things

take small meals

Eat small meals every two hours instead of a big platter all at once. With this, you will avoid eating more at once. Avoid eating fried food also. Which helps in increasing calories.

drink more water

In winter, we often start drinking less water. Due to this many times complaints like headache, abdominal pain and lethargy start. In such a situation, drink more and more water so that the body can be detoxified. Regular consumption of water gives relief from the problem of feeling hungry again and again.

exercise routine

Take out some time daily for yoga or aerobics. Due to this, health remains in the body. In winter, you can exercise for some time by laying a mat in a corner of your house. Apart from this, you can also make some dance steps a part of the workout. At the same time, take out some time for sports activities with children.

check weight

How much weight have you already lost? For this, keep checking your weight from time to time. Also keep in mind whether your clothes are getting loose or tight.

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