Pasta For Weight Loss: If You Want To Reduce Obesity Then Eat Pasta, We Are Telling The Right Way To Eat And Cook


Do you also consider pasta as an unhealthy food, then read this article. Research suggests that pasta cooked in a healthy way can help with weight loss.
We consider pasta as a weight gainer. We think that it must have been prepared from white flour. A lot of cheese and processed spices are added to it. So it will satisfy our taste buds but will also add a lot of belly fat. But pasta can prove you wrong if it is cooked properly. If it is cooked in a healthy way, it can help in weight loss (How to cook pasta to lose weight).

Pasta is different from noodles

Pasta is often mistaken for noodles. A variety of ingredients are added to noodles and pasta. Both are prepared in different ways. Noodles are also usually made from maida or wheat flour. While pasta is prepared from semolina i.e. semolina or rava. Semolina is a bit dry as compared to normal flour.

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Pasta is actually healthy

Pasta made from whole grains contains fiber. Vegetables, fruits or eggs and fish are also mixed in it. It gives energy. It can cure stomach problems. May help reduce cholesterol.

How does pasta reduce weight?

According to the Frontiers in Nutrition journal, a study was conducted on adult women who ate pasta in the US. The study found that eating mixed with nutrient-rich vegetables helped in weight loss. This has been shown to reduce fat around the waist of adult women. Body weight and body mass index (BMI) improved as compared to before.

Reduces weight by reducing hunger pangs

It has been revealed in the study that if 145 grams of pasta is eaten, then 7.7 grams of protein is obtained. It is a macronutrient, which makes you feel full for a long time. This helps in reducing weight. If pasta prepared from whole grains is taken, it will also be beneficial for the digestive system. Because the amount of fiber in it is high. Gluten-free pasta contains slightly less protein.

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Healthy to be eaten after cooling down

Most of the food is cooked and eaten immediately. It is beneficial for health. According to the Journal of Cereal Science, pasta is healthier if eaten after it is cooked and cooled. After cooling, some carbohydrates are converted into resistant starch. Starch is resistant to digestion. Hence it uses less energy. It is also better for blood sugar level. That’s why if you reheat the pasta after making it, you will gain less calories.

How healthy is pasta

The researchers made it clear that carbohydrate-rich foods such as pasta did not adversely affect body weight. But it is important to have portion control.

What is the right way to cook pasta for weight loss (How to cook pasta to lose weight)

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  1. Take pasta prepared from whole grains (Rawa Pasta). Boil it. Sieve it in a strainer.

  1. Heat a pan and add few drops of olive oil. Mustard oil can also be used instead of olive oil.

  1. Add finely chopped onions, beans, capsicum, peas, tomatoes, coriander leaves, green chilies to it. Add half tablespoon turmeric, salt as per taste.

  1. When all the vegetables are cooked well, add the boiled pasta. Put tomato sauce and mayonnaise or cheese and turn off the flame.

Sprinkle black pepper powder and oregano flakes over it. Let it cool slightly, then eat the pasta. It will not only taste delicious, but will also be helpful in weight loss.

At the end

Leftover pasta can be reheated and eaten. Being low in calories, pasta is also helpful in weight loss. But keep in mind that it is always important to have portion control.

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