Pea Peel Benefits: The Treasure Of Health Is Hidden In The Peel Of Peas, Know How To Use It


Pea Peel Benefits: In the winter season, peas are seen in every dish. This seasonal vegetable is rich in many nutritious elements like protein. Eating fresh and sweet peas in the winter season has its own fun.

People make many types of dishes from it, but most people peel the peas and throw away the peels. While peas are tasty and nutritious, their peels are equally tasty and beneficial.

If you also throw away these peels, then stop from today itself, because we will give you complete information about its benefits and methods of using it.

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Benefits of Pea Shells

Like peas, its peels are also rich in many nutritious elements. Elements like potassium, vitamins, fiber and copper are found in plenty in it, which along with correcting digestion, also keep cholesterol level under control.

Along with this, they are also considered beneficial in sharpening the eyesight and reducing diseases related to the heart. Not only this, the nutrients found in it increase memory power and weight also remains under control.

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How to make vegetable from pea peel

The way peas and potatoes are made. In the same way, a delicious vegetable can also be made from the peel of peas. According to the need, take the peels of peas and cut them into big pieces.

Cut two to three potatoes of medium size and mix them. Now put oil in a pan and add cumin-chilli and onion tempering to it.

After this, make it like a vegetable of peas and potatoes. Add lemon juice or dried mango powder to this vegetable and serve it hot. This will give taste along with health.

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Pea Shell Sauce

Everyone likes to eat green chutney with hot parathas and pakoras in the winter season. If you are also going to make chutney, then this time also add peas peels in it.

To make its chutney, add 1 cup peas peel, 1 cup coriander leaves, one small onion, half inch ginger, 3 to 4 garlic cloves and 2 green chilies and blend it. Finally add salt, lemon and chaat masala as per taste and serve it with paratha, puri or pakoda. You will get better taste.

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