These Foods Are Poison For The Lungs, Asthma Patients Should Not Touch Them Even By Mistake


In the increasing pollution and stressful life, people are facing many problems. Even breathing in the air is becoming difficult. This is the reason why everyone from children to elders are suffering from respiratory diseases. Do a little something that the breath starts to swell. Sometimes the problem of breath increases due to negligence of food and drink. In such a situation, you can be a victim of asthma. But by changing the habits related to food and drink and avoiding some things, you can get relief from it. Do you know what should not be eaten by an asthma patient?


In spite of the fact that milk is extremely valuable yet it is viewed as destructive for asthma patients. Ordinarily subsequent to drinking milk, respiratory patients feel hack, distress in the throat and trouble in relaxing. That is the reason drinking milk is better not.


Sulfite is present in both wine and beer which makes breathing difficult. That’s why asthma patients should not consume both alcohol and beer at all


It is always said that anything in excess proves to be bad for health. In the same way, too much salt also harms the body. Consuming salt causes swelling in the throat, due to which there is difficulty in breathing.

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Some such elements are present in the egg, due to which there is a problem in the lungs. That’s why it is absolutely forbidden for respiratory patients to eat eggs.


Soya also sometimes causes allergies. Allergy to anything proves to be the most harmful for an asthma patient. You should consume soy only after thinking.


It is right for those who do not eat non-veg, but those who eat non-veg should completely stop consuming fish. Asthma patients are advised to avoid fish. 

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processed food

Excessive consumption of packed and processed food can increase the problem of asthma.

fast food

Consuming fast food can increase the risk of asthma by up to 37 percent.


Sulfite is used in pickles available in the market, which can increase the problem of asthma.

Desi cheese

If you are allergic to fungus, do not consume cheese, it can increase the problem of asthma.

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