IAS Tina Dabi Married A Man 13 Years Older Than Her, Why Did She Take This Step, Know The Whole Truth Behind It


Today we are going to tell you about a small love story of IAS Tina Dabi. Which is in headlines these days. Recently she got married to Pradeep Gawande who is 13 years older than her. After which there is only one question in everyone’s mind. After all, why did she marry a man 13 years older than her and when did this love story start, and who proposed to whom first. That’s why today, giving information about all these in our news, tell about a small love story of them.

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In 2015, IAS Tina Dabi has been the head of the UPSC department. He is also a Rajasthan cadre officer. Talking about this time, he is now the collector of Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan. Tina Dabi has worked in various government departments of Rajasthan before becoming collector. Let’s talk about their love story. So the first meeting of Tina Dabi and Pradeep Gaondi happened during the second wave of Corona. When both were working in the Health Department of the Government of Rajasthan.

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If sources are to be believed, there was a friendship between these two during this period. And no one knew when this friendship turned into love. Similarly, while dating each other, both are now married. Tina Dabi told that she was first proposed by Pradeep Gaondi for marriage. Tina Dabi has told that Pradeep Gandvi is a very good person. Anyway, no relationship is decided on the basis of age. We both have got the same thinking and we like each other. This one is important for any relationship. It is enough to understand and like each other.

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