So Many Thousands Of Women Were Always Kept Decorated For The Mughal Emperor, The Funeral Procession Coming Out From Inside


New Delhi: The dark deeds of the Mughal emperors are not hidden from anyone. There are many names of Hindu Shahaks in such black acts. The princely state of Patiala remains the most popular. But some customs of the Mughal emperors make them wrong. He did not leave anyone in the Mughal harem. Even some rulers did not spare even mother, sister and daughter. Not only in India, the history of the Mughal rulers is full of harems. There were also some good rulers, whose names are still proudly taken in history. Today we are telling you the truth of Mughal Haram.

If a king becomes so colorful that he calls women in the harem and later only their dead bodies come out, then you will also be shocked to hear this. Don’t be surprised, this thing is 100% true, but it is very old. For some centuries, there was the rule of King Akbar, whose charm was not only in the country but also in foreign countries, whose orders were obeyed by people of every class. The king’s palace was also no less than a five star building. The king’s hobbies were no less than today’s famous people. The discussion and truth of Haram place in Rajmahal is not hidden from anyone. In this harem, four velvet, beautifully decorated places used to be shocking for everyone.

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Women of all ages used to come and go in the harem. When the emperor used to enter here, beautifully decorated women used to engage in service. In such a situation, the night of the king used to be very beautiful. It was the choice of the king that he should choose which woman to spend the night with. The queen also used to watch silently.

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The word Haram meant
many such words in Akbar’s era, the meaning of which becomes very difficult for today’s generation. Now the discussion is going on about Haram, which means you would also like to know. Har is an Arabic word, which means a place that is not known to anyone (hidden). During the Mughal rule, beautiful women were brought to this place. In his book Ain-i-Akbari, Abul Fazl has used the word Sbisthan-i-Iqbal for this. In this book itself, a lot has been revealed about the harem of the Mughals.

Some writers have described the harem as a separate place for women to live. Women used to come here to fulfill the wishes of the kings. Women of every class, region, religion, culture lived there. Not only the relatives of the emperor, but all kinds of women who took care of his every need and here the purdah was also necessary for him.

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According to the book, the first lady of the harem was usually the mother of the emperor during the Mughal period. Many examples of this have been presented in Baburnama and Humayunnama, which is also very important for you to know. Many occasions used to come such that the mother of the emperor used to be present on many occasions. Apart from the mother, the stepmother and the midwife i.e. submother or midwife also lived there. Not only this, there used to be a gathering of queen and maids after the mother.

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