Ajmer Urs 2023: 811Th Urs Concluded With Large Family Rituals, Prayed For Peace


Garib Nawaz’s annual Urs (Garib Nawaz 811th Urs) came to an end on Wednesday with the ceremony of a large clan. During this, along with the Khadims, the Zairins also prayed for the safety and prosperity of their families.

Ajmer.The annual Urs Mela of Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Chishti concluded with the ceremony of a large clan. In the dargah, the devotees washed the walls of the dargah with kewda and rose water on the ritual of the big clan. Due to which the dargah complex was fragrant, the devotees attended the dargah and prayed for the safety and prosperity of themselves and their families. During this, prayers were also sought in the dargah for peace, brotherhood and love in the country.

Traditional rituals are performed on the annual Urs of Khwaja Garib Nawaz. In all these rituals, the last one is the ritual of the big clan. After this ritual, arrangements start in the dargah like normal days. On Wednesday, a large number of pilgrims were present in the dargah for the ceremony of the big clan. In fact, the devotees had started washing the walls of the dargah with rose water and kewda from Tuesday night itself.

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The sequence of which was also seen during Wednesday morning. Here the pilgrims had started washing the walls of the dargah since morning. It is said that Khwaja Garib Nawaz’s Urs ends formally on the 6th of Rajab with the ceremony of Chhote Kul. On the 9th of Rajab, the ritual of Bade Kul is performed in the Dargah. This Rasumat is also called the ritual of Gusal.

This is the ritual of a big clan. Wahid Angarshah, former secretary of the Anjuman Committee, an organization of Khadims in the dargah, said that under the ritual of the family, the Khadims of the dargah bathe Mazar Sharif with perfume and rose water in the arm. After this the premises of the campus are washed with rose water and kewra. On the other hand, people associated with Sufism wash the area outside the sleeve with kewra and rose water. Seeing them, the Zairins also start washing the dargah with kewra and rose water.

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For years, this ritual has been happening during the rituals of the family. The pilgrims bring with them the rose water and kewra water that is applied on the wall of the dargah in bottles. He told that on 9th Rajab, the last bath is given to Mazar Sharif. This ritual is called the ritual of the clan. Mazar Sharif is bathed under this Rasumat. Now the next Ghusl will be given to Mazar Sharif on the first date of the moon of Rajab, which will come next year.

Urs was completed along with the rituals of the clan – Khadim Syed Zahoor Chishti said that the rituals of the clan are the last rituals of the Urs. Only after this ritual, the Urs fair gets over and the pilgrims start returning to their homes. He told that during the ceremony of Kul, the Khadim prays for every pilgrim who comes to the Dargah. So that he and his family remain safe and happy.

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About 1500 to 2000 liters of rose water and kevda are consumed – The consumption of rose water and kevda water increases a lot in rituals of small clans and rituals of big clans. There are more than 100 shops selling chadars, flowers and rose water, perfumes and kewra water in large numbers inside and outside the dargah. In the year, there is not as much shopping here as it is during the Urs. More than 1500 to 2000 liters of rose water and kevda have been consumed in Urs.

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