Aurangabad Crime News: The First Wife Was Murdered, The Second Eloped And Killed The Third.. Such An Open Secret


A person did three marriages in Aurangabad. According to the villagers, the first wife was murdered by the young man. Fed up with her husband, the second wife eloped with her brother-in-law’s brother. After this he got married for the third time. The parents are alleging the murder of this woman as well. Relatives allege that after killing for dowry, the dead body of the deceased woman was burnt. Read full news…

Aurangabad: The story of serial killer husband has come to light in Aurangabad, Bihar . In Sheikhpura village of Uphara police station area, the husband burnt the dead body after killing his third wife due to dowry. When the police reached the spot after getting the information, registered an FIR, then his relations with three women came to the fore one by one. Information has been received that the person’s second wife eloped with her relative, while the first wife has been murdered, the allegations were leveled against her husband.

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Accusation of murder of wife: The relatives of the deceased third wife allege that Subelal Paswan conspired for dowry and killed the woman Chandravati Devi. After that, with the intention of erasing the evidence, the dead body of the woman was burnt. After getting the information, the police have registered an FIR on the statement of the mother of the deceased woman. After this, Police Station President Manoj Kumar Tiwari, who reached the spot, told that – ” On the basis of the application received in the police station, we are engaged in the investigation.”

Third marriage 4 years ago: According to the station head, Kusmi Devi (husband Bhagwan Dayal Paswan), a resident of Janpur village of Singodi police station area, told that her daughter Chandravati Kumari was married 4 years ago by donating dowry according to Hindu customs. After a few days of marriage, Subelal always used to torture her for dowry.

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Murder of the first wife: According to the local people, Subelal Paswan’s first wife was also murdered by him. It has been learned that Subelal was first married in 2002 to Lalti Devi (father Gaya Paswan), a resident of Pundaul, Goh headquarters. He also had a daughter. Who was born in 2003. While he died in 2004 itself.

Second wife absconding: The second marriage took place with Mamta Kumari (daughter of Jalendra Paswan), a resident of Teyap village in Goh. After marriage, he took his wife Mamta Kumari to Daman and kept her there. Even after going there, he started fighting with his wife. Troubled by this, the wife ran away from home with her brother-in-law’s brother.

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Murder of third wife: After both the wives, Subelal married for the third time in 2018. She was married to Subelal of Chandravati Kumari (father Bhagwan Dayal Paswan), a resident of Janpur village located in Singodi police station area of ​​Patna. The mother of the deceased told that dowry was also given as per her capacity. Despite this, her husband killed Chandravati. At present, the police is conducting raids to arrest the accused.

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