Bettiah News: Satyagraha Express Survived The Accident, Bogie And Engine Separated From The Moving Train


Two bogies of the Satyagraha Express running between Majhaulia and Mohaddipur in Bettiah broke apart. It is a matter of honor that there was no major accident. By the time the driver came to know, the train had left a long way. The engine was brought back and the train was attached. read full news

West Champaran : There is big news from Bettiah in Bihar. A major accident was averted on the Muzaffarpur Narkatiaganj railway line . Actually, such bogies as B4 and B5 got separated from the Satyagraha Express. The engine of the train went ahead pulling other bogies. Here there was a stir due to the sudden stop of the rear part of the train. When the passengers saw, the engine of the train had gone far away. There was no loss of life or property in the accident.

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Engine and bogie of the train separated from the moving train : The incident took place near Mehandipur in Majhaulia. The engine went ahead leaving the bogie and the whole bogie was left behind. The passengers got down and created ruckus. Then again the Satyagraha Express came back. AC bogies were added and it was sent towards the destination. Passengers were stirred by the incident. There was a stampede among the passengers and they got down from the train and started running.

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There was panic among the passengers: Passengers in the train told that there was panic due to the sudden stop of the train. B-5 bogie went ahead and rest of the bogies were left behind. Due to the sudden stop, people came out and saw that the engine had gone. The passengers sitting in this came to know only when a crowd of passengers gathered below.

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Satyagraha Express was going to New Delhi : Significantly, this accident is being told due to negligence in shunting of Satyagraha Express going from Raxaul to Delhi. At present, no official statement has come from the Indian Railways on this matter. If it is negligence then who will be responsible for it? At present, the engine of Satyagraha Express was re-attached to the train. At present, the train has been sent towards New Delhi.

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