Charbagh Railway Station: Hindu Mahasabha Spokesperson House Arrest, Know Why Charbagh Railway Station Turned Into A Cantonment


Keeping in view the peace system in the capital, the police force personnel appointed in GRP Reserve Police Lines and Superintendent of Police offices have been instructed to be present at Charbagh Railway Station since Wednesday morning.

Lucknow: The capital’s Charbagh railway station has been converted into a cantonment since Wednesday morning. Here more police force RPF and GRP personnel were seen than the passengers. Passengers were stopped from going inside the station through the escalator route. The passengers were also surprised to see so many soldiers. Later it came to know that Shishir Chaturvedi, National Spokesperson of Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha was going to perform Sunder Kand along with his supporters at Khamman Peer Mazar located at the station. In such a situation, a heavy security force was already deployed at the station, due to which the Charbagh railway station was converted into a cantonment.

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Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha’s national spokesperson Shishir Chaturvedi had decided to organize Sunderkand recitation inside the shrine on February 1 regarding the removal of Khamman Peer shrine located in Charbagh. Its information was given to the Superintendent of Police, Railways. Shishir Chaturvedi is constantly demanding the removal of Khamman Peer Mazar located at Charbagh Railway Station. Even before this he has performed here. On Wednesday, he was put under house arrest even before he left his home to read Sunderkand at Khamman Peer Mazar at Charbagh station, but jawans were deployed at every nook and corner of Charbagh railway station with anti-riot equipment. GRP Charbagh had already been directed for this by the Railway Superintendent of Police. In such a situation, keeping the peace system in mind, instructions were issued to the police force personnel appointed in the GRP Reserve Police Lines and the Superintendent of Police offices of all the branches of the Railways to be present here from Wednesday morning itself. Apart from this, it was also said that if other methods are required, instructions were given to take the help of the police force here as well.

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