DDA Meeting: 15Th Board Meeting Of Udham Singh Municipal Development Authority, 10 Out Of 12 Proposals Approved


Kumaon Commissioner Deepak Rawat attended the 15th board meeting of District Authority in Rudrapur. 12 proposals were brought in the meeting, in which 10 proposals were approved and 2 proposals were rejected. Apart from this, Rudrapur and Kashipur master plans were also discussed in the meeting.

Rudrapur: Kumaon Commissioner Deepak Rawat took the 15th board meeting of the District Authority in the Collectorate Auditorium. During this, 10 out of 12 proposals were approved in the board meeting. Along with this, 10 percent of the circle rate and a minimum fee of Rs 50,000 was fixed for non-availability of parking facility in the commercial building. At the same time, Rudrapur and Kashipur master plans were also discussed.

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Kumaon commissioner reached Rudrapur. During this, he participated in the 15th board meeting of the District Authority. 12 proposals were placed in the board meeting, out of which the board agreed on 10 proposals. While 2 proposals were rejected. It was decided in the board meeting that 10 percent of the circle rate, a minimum of Rs. Which will be used for expansion of parking facilities in the city.

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In the meeting, the officials of M/s Techmate India Pvt Ltd presented the draft of Rudrapur and Kashipur Master Plan 2041 before the board. In which the board members discussed in detail various topics including education, medical, transportation, parking, traffic, pollution control, sewer line, water supply, fire service and gave important guidelines.

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In the meeting, District Magistrate Yugal Kishore Pant, Chief Development Officer Vishal Mishra, Vice President District Development Authority Harish Kandpal, Secretary District Development Authority NS Nabiyal, Trainee IAS Anamika, Deputy District Magistrate Pratyush Singh, Abhay Pratap Singh, Executive Engineer Vijay Kumar Mathur, Chief City Planner Shashi Mohan Srivastava etc. were present.

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