Delhi’s Nehru Nagar Ring Road’s Automatic Stairs Are Faulty, Giving A Feast To The Accident


The government has built foot over bridges at major places in the capital Delhi. So that it can be safe and easy for everyone to cross the road and get rid of the problem of road accident. But at present the automatic stairs attached with the foot over bridge on Nehru Nagar Ring Road have become unusable. Due to this the elders have to face problems.

New Delhi: A foot over bridge has been constructed to cross the road on Nehru Nagar Ring Road, one of the busiest areas of Delhi. Automatic stairs were also installed here for the convenience of the elderly, children and women, but due to lack of care, the automatic stairs are lying damaged. Along with this, there is also a gap in the middle of the stairs, which is inviting accidents.

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Ramesh, a local resident who crossed the road through the foot over bridge built on the Nehru Nagar Ring Road, said that the automatic stairs installed along the foot over bridge built to cross the ring road have been lying defunct for a long time. There is also a gap in the middle of the stairs. If someone does not walk carefully, he can fall and become a victim of an accident. No one is paying attention to this.

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An elderly Ram Balak Singh told that it is very difficult for the elderly to cross the road on the Ring Road. The speed of vehicles here is very fast. We have to cross the road only by climbing the stairs because of the breakdown of the automatic stairs meant for the elderly. This causes a lot of trouble. There is no solution to this problem. There is a lot of movement of vehicles on Nehru Nagar Ring Road. For this reason, a foot over bridge has been constructed here, so that people do not face any problem in crossing the road.

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Let us tell you that along with the construction of foot over bridge by the Delhi government to cross the road at busy places in Delhi, lifts or automatic stairs have also been installed for the elderly at many places.

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