Diarrhea Spread In Nadaun: Diarrhea Spread Due To Dirty Water Of Illegal Mining, Deputy CM Mukesh Agnihotri Reached Kunah Khad


Due to the outbreak of diarrhea in CM Sukhwinder Singh’s home constituency, Deputy CM Mukesh Agnihotri suddenly reached Hamirpur. He held a meeting with the officials, then visited Kunah Khad. From where the water is supplied. The officials told them that prima facie it seems that the dirty water of illegal mining reached the place of supply, due to which diarrhea might have spread. (Deputy CM Mukesh Agnihotri visits Hamirpur)

Hamirpur: Deputy Chief Minister Mukesh Agnihotri suddenly arrived on a tour of Hamirpur. According to the information, Deputy Chief Minister Mukesh Agnihotri first held a meeting with the officials of other departments including Jal Shakti Department. After that inspected Kunah Khad, from where water is supplied.

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Diarrhea spread due to the filth of illegal mining: It has primarily come to light that illegal mining has been the reason for the spread of diarrhea in Nadaun. According to the information, due to illegal mining, dirty water has started reaching the place from where water is supplied. Because of this, the supply of dirty water continued, while the water was given to the people.

Outbreak of diarrhea in the villages of Nadaun: Today is the fifth day of outbreak of diarrheal disease. Today’s figure of the health department has not been revealed yet, but on the fourth day on Tuesday, 7 more cases were reported. After the arrival of these new cases, now the figure has reached 973. On Monday this figure was 868. According to the information, the outbreak of diarrhea is going on in 5 panchayats of the assembly constituency. According to the information received from the administration, 6 teams of the Health Department are visiting the villages and investigating.

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CM’s visit from February 5: After becoming the CM, Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh will be on a two-day tour from February 5. It is believed that during this time CM Sukhwinder Singh will take information from the officials of those villages where this diarrhea spread. At the same time, some action can also be taken in this matter.

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Water sample report did not come : Today is the fifth day of diarrhea outbreak, but so far the report of water sample has not come. In today’s meeting regarding this, action can be taken on those responsible. However, due to the apprehension of contamination of drinking water schemes in the concerned areas, the Jal Shakti Department has stopped the supply of water.

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