Drinking Water Crisis Deepens Due To Snowfall In Lahaul Spiti, Villagers Forced To Bring Water From Drain


The snowfall in Lahaul Spiti has created trouble for the people. Drinking water lines have been completely jammed due to heavy snowfall. In such a situation, people are being forced to carry water from the drain.

Lahaul Spiti: Where there was heavy snowfall in Lahaul Spiti district for the last 2 days, now after the weather is clear, white snow is proving to be a disaster for the people. Due to 3 feet snowfall in Lahaul Valley, all the roads in the area are currently closed for vehicular movement. Apart from this, the villagers are also facing the problem of electricity and water.

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After the snowfall in Lahaul Valley, the drinking water line has been completely jammed, due to which people are being forced to carry water from the drain. Talking about Jobrang Panchayat of Lahaul Valley, drinking water supply in Jobrang, Rape and Rashel villages has been completely disrupted due to freezing of pipes and villagers are carrying water from the drain on their backs.

At the same time, the villagers are also facing the problem of water for their pets. In such a situation, the problems of the people have increased in the midst of snowfall. Apart from this, there is still no electricity in many rural areas of Lahaul Valley, for which the employees of the Electricity Board are continuously working to restore it. The villagers of Lahaul valley say that due to snowfall, the roads in the interior areas of Lahaul are closed and they have to face the problem of drinking water every year due to snowfall. People have to walk many kilometers amidst the snow and after that they can quench their thirst by fetching water from the drain.

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At the same time, DC Lahaul Spiti Sumit Khimta says that Manali Keylong road has been opened by BRO for four by four and vehicles till Stingari. Even further, the work of removing snow from the road is going on continuously. Apart from this, the employees are working towards improving the power system. Soon the snow will be removed from all the roads and the power system will also be restored.

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