Economist Reacts On Budget: Central Budget Made With Election In Mind, Will Disappoint Poor People: Economist


Looking ahead to the elections, this time the Union budget has been made (Union budget 2023). This budget will disappoint poor people Eminent economist Shantanu Bose (Economist Reacts on Budget) thinks so

Kolkata, February 1: Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented the Union Budget 2023 in Parliament on Wednesday. In the situation of rising prices of the country, the common people of the country were looking at him. Maybe the Union Finance Minister will give hope to the people of the country in this budget! But the poor and common people of the country are practically disappointed in this budget. Such is the eminent economist and professor Shantanu Basur (Economist Reacts on Budget).

What is the impact of the budget on the people: ETV India takes the reaction of these economists after the presentation of the budget on Wednesday. What is the impact of this budget on the common to middle class and upper class! Speaking in this context, the eminent economist said that the budget is a comprehensive plan of how the financial health of the country will be and how it will continue for the next year. The overall reflection of how much I have earned, how much I have spent, how much I can earn and how much I can spend.

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‘Urban centric budget’: Santanu Basu said, this country is divided into rural and urban. This budget is strictly city-centric. Rural people are practically deprived of this budget. Especially in this budget, there is no hope for the farmers. According to him, the announcement or surprise given in the Union Budget on this day is mainly city-centric.

‘Budget with an eye on elections’: He feels that several state elections are ahead. This budget has been presented keeping that election in mind. Although the announcement of a new education policy was mentioned in this budget, the Union Finance Minister did not spend a single word on increasing the allocation in the education sector. In this year’s budget, the finance minister has talked about digitization in various areas. But there are doubts about what percentage of people of the country understand about this Digital India.

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No review of old projects: According to Shantanu Basu, the central government has so many projects in its hands, Nirmala Sitharaman could talk about the success or failure of those projects. If necessary, the increase in allocation could be reduced somewhere. But announcing new projects without walking on that path and investing money in them is actually an attempt to divert people from reviewing the success and failure of old projects.

Government exchequer will be strained while giving tax breaks: Speaking about the announcement of tax breaks on this day, this economics teacher said, elections are coming up in so many states, where the government is not able to provide any protection from price rise, what is the way but to give tax breaks. One thing is clear from today’s announcement, the new tax structure will be the default in the coming days.

Economists said that the central government would have to lose about 30 thousand crores of revenue by giving tax breaks to the middle class people of the country. But in a roundabout way, it will actually be deposited in the treasury of the central government. Even if the price of oil is increased by one rupee, more than this amount will be deposited in the government treasury.

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‘There is no good news for the common man in the budget’: On this day, regrets were also heard in the voice of these economists about the budget. At the rate of price hike, the common people of the country were hoping that the GST on salt or essential vegetables would be withdrawn out of concern for them. But to review it in one word at the end of the budget, it has to be said, there is a flood of promises and people The Union Finance Minister could not hear any good news for the poor and common people (Budget will disappoint poor people).

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