Fight In Haldwani Jail: When Poori Vegetable Was Not Found, The Prisoner Beat The Security Guard, Kicked And Punched Him In The Jail


A prisoner lodged in Haldwani jail wanted to eat puri vegetables. If his wish was not fulfilled, he was determined to kill himself. The prisoner clashed with the security personnel over eating puri vegetable. The senior jail superintendent says that the prisoner had ordered food outside the jail manual, which cannot be fulfilled.

Haldwani: A prisoner in the jail demanded to eat separately from the jail manual. When his demand of eating poori vegetable was not met, he got angry and clashed with the security personnel. It is being told that the prisoner is lodged in Haldwani jail under section 307. Senior Jail Superintendent Satish Sukhija told that he went against the jail manual and demanded food, which cannot be fulfilled.

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The prisoner had demanded puri vegetable: Haldwani Jail, which has the largest number of prisoners in Kumaon, is once again in controversy. This time a fight has come to the fore between the prisoner and the security personnel over food. There was a scuffle between a prisoner and the security personnel in the affair of poori vegetable. Seeing the ruckus in the jail, other jail personnel reached the spot and pacified the matter. It is being told that under section 307, a prisoner lodged in Haldwani jail demanded a whole vegetable to eat. Which the security staff of the jail refused to give.

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The prisoner got angry when the demand for poori vegetable was not met: The prisoner got angry on this. Then the security staff of the jail left his hand on the prisoner. In such a situation, the prisoner also got angry and he left his hand on the jail’s security personnel and there was a fierce scuffle between the two. In a hurry, other security personnel of the jail arrived and intervened between the two. Senior Jail Superintendent Satish Sukhija said that the prisoner’s name is Devendra Bisht, who is under trial in the 307 case.

He went against the jail manual and demanded food, which could not be fulfilled. In such a situation, he misbehaved with the security guard of the jail, on which the jail security guard had to leave his hand on the prisoner. At present, the matter has been completely pacified. So far no complaint has been received from anyone’s side. Further action will be taken on receipt of the complaint.

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Let us inform that in the past also incidents of mutual fighting between the prisoners in Haldwani Jail have come to the fore. In such a situation, once again the matter of fight between the security personnel and the prisoner has become a matter of discussion, while questions are also being raised on the security system of the jail.

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