Gorakhpur News: Shaligram Rocks Reached Gorakhnath Temple, Will Be Sent To Ayodhya Today


Two big rocks of Shaligram stones from Nepal reached Gorakhpur late on Tuesday night. He was welcomed by law in the Gorakhnath temple here. These rocks will leave for Ayodhya on Wednesday morning.

Gorakhpur: On reaching Gorakhpur on Tuesday night, two big rocks of Shaligram stones, which were sent from Nepal for the idol of Lord Ram to be made of Shaligram stones in the temple being built in Ayodhya, were welcomed with rituals at the Gorakhnath temple. During this time, on entering the limits of Gorakhpur, devotees enthusiastic about the rocks welcomed him at various places.

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The stones reached the Gorakhnath temple at around 1:30 pm. People were curious about this since day one. The rocks entered the border of Bihar and then Kushinagar via Nepal. After this, around 8 pm, the stones entered Jagdishpur in Gorakhpur. From here he was taken to the Gorakhnath temple by taking him forward with heavy security arrangements and reverence of the people.

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Yogi Kamal Nath, the chief priest of the Gorakhnath temple, performed aarti and worship of the rocks along with his other priests and associates. During this, a crowd of people had reached the Gorakhnath temple even in the night to see and touch the rocks. People were moving forward while welcoming the stones while chanting the slogan of Jai Shri Ram. The program is scheduled to send these rocks to Ayodhya at 9 am on Wednesday morning after worshiping at the Gorakhnath temple. A large number of saints and people of all Hindu organizations including Vishwa Hindu Mahasangh, Vishwa Hindu Parishad will participate in this.

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