Home Minister’s Taunt, Congress Disintegrating In MP, Kamal Nath Has Now Become ‘Weak Nath’


Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra has termed former CM Kamal Nath as weak. He blamed Kamal Nath for the condition of the Congress. In the absence of the picture of Leader of Opposition Govind Singh in all seven Congress posters, it was said that Govind Singh is a 7-time MLA and a senior leader. In such a situation, it is sad for me not to have his picture on the poster.

Bhopal. Home Minister Narottam Mishra on Wednesday held Congress President Kamal Nath responsible for today’s condition of the Congress. He told the reason for the disintegration of the Congress and called it painful that the photo of the leader of the opposition, Dr. Govind Singh, was not put in the Congress poster. When he was asked that Digvijay Singh is calm nowadays, he said that Digvijay Singh is still in a cold place. Apart from this, when the Congress President questioned the economic policies of the Center, he said that Kamal Nath himself is a businessman and knows the circumstances, even after that Only to criticize raise such questions.

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Kamal Nath tweets anything without thinking: Former Chief Minister Kamal Nath has questioned the economic policies of the Central Government by tweeting, on this the Home Minister said that “Kamal Nath himself is a businessman and knows all the circumstances but does not want to understand.” Yes, he says such things just to criticize. There is a period of global recession in the whole world, even after that India remains the largest economy in the world today. Along with the global recession, India’s economy has moved from tenth place to fifth place even after Corona’s fight. Kamal Nath himself stayed in the government for 15 months and only kept saying that the treasury is empty, so it is not appropriate to say anything and tweet anything

Kamal Nath became weak: On the removal of the picture of Leader of Opposition Govind Singh from the Congress poster, Narottam Mishra said that “Govind Singh is a 7-time MLA and a senior leader. In such a situation, it is painful for me not to have his picture on the poster. In fact, it is now a disintegrating Congress, the Congress Working Committee was declared but the working president was not declared. The working president is saying that call us the working president and the Congress president is not announcing them at all. Congress has made Suresh Pachauri and Rahul Bhaiya stand on the margins. On the other hand, Arun Yadav has been sent to Chhattisgarh, became the president in Indore and has been removed, so he has declared himself as the Chief Minister. But when the in-charge came, he refused that the Chief Minister would be selected by the MLAs, it has scattered and Kamal Nath has now become weak .

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Government working on samples and vaccination: On the cabinet meeting to be held in Delhi, Home Minister Narottam Mishra said that tomorrow is the inauguration of Madhya Pradesh Bhavan in Delhi and all the ministers who are available will attend the inauguration ceremony and the cabinet, among them Some MLAs may also stay. Regarding Corona in Madhya Pradesh, it was told that the condition of Corona is zero in the entire Madhya Pradesh. In the entire Madhya Pradesh, neither a new person has been infected nor a person has been cured, even after that the government is continuously working on samples and vaccination. 405 samples have been taken in entire Madhya Pradesh, 52990 people have been vaccinated.

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