Jodhpur Gangwar: A Long Strategy Was Made To Remove It From The Way, The Henchmen Were Kept As Guards … The Bullets Were Fired At The Opportunity


The miscreants openly challenged the Jodhpur police and carried out the firing incident on Wednesday (Gangwar In Revenge). The incident which took place in broad daylight is being said to be the result of a gang war. The 007 gang has taken the responsibility of this attack.

Jodhpur. The incident of firing outside the residential colony shows the wavering attitude of the Jodhpur Police’s intelligence system. The family of a miscreant was living in this colony, yet the police could not keep an eye on the activities here, due to which history-sheeter Vikram Nandian executed the incident by making a long strategy to avenge the attack on him 2 years ago. Rakesh Manju’s condition remains critical. He has a deep injury on his head. According to the doctors, he may possibly go into a coma.

Not only this, the responsibility was also taken on social media. In fact, when Vikram Nandia and his henchmen came to know that the family of hardcore criminal Kailash Manju is living in Vitarag City and Rakesh Manju, released on bail, has to come here. So a long and wide strategy was made. With thorough planning, one of his men, Yuvraj, was hired as a guard in the society.

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Yuvraj was constantly keeping an eye on the Manju family. After a long wait of four months, on Wednesday when Rakesh went home to meet him and when he was going back alone, Yuvraj informed his colleagues. The shooters stood near the gate of the colony. As soon as Rakesh Manju came to the gate of the Society, there was rapid firing on him due to which he fell down. He also suffered a head injury due to the fall.

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In the end, Yuvraj shot Rakesh who hit him in the neck. After the firing, Bajrang Singh Paldi Rathore also took the responsibility of this incident on social media. It is being said that a shooter has also been caught. Although the police have not disclosed it yet, but it has been told that it is Yuvraj, whom the people caught and handed over to the police.

007 group is connected with Paldi- The Bajrang Singh Paldi Rathore who has taken responsibility for this incident is connected with 007 group. His social media account is full of photographs of miscreants from Jodhpur and Nagaur with weapons. Not only this, videos of Vikram Singh Nandia making video calls while in jail have also been uploaded. Taking the responsibility of this incident, it has been written that Rakesh Manju has been treated, rest of the enemies will also be treated for sure.

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This is how the intelligence system collapsed – According to the arrangement of the police, it is necessary to have the details of the tenant and the landlord living in the society or premises. Flat culture is continuously increasing in the outskirts of Jodhpur city where most of the tenants are living. In such a situation, it is the responsibility of the police that the policemen of the concerned police station go to that premises and get the details of everyone. Recently, the police raided the flats of Kudi and Vivek Vihar police stations and arrested many miscreants. Vitarag City is a posh society. Surprisingly, the miscreant worked here as a security guard for four months and the police did not even get a clue about it.

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