Patna News: Cousin Brother Had Hatched The Conspiracy Of Robbery, Five Accused Arrested


Patna Crime News: Patna Police has got great success. Disclosing a robbery case, the police arrested five accused. Along with this, looted articles and jewelery were also recovered. The cousin of the victim is the main accused in the incident. Read full news..

Patna: On January 26, an incident of robbery took place in Patna City area of ​​the capital. Masked dacoits carried out the incident by entering the house of businessman Mithlesh Jaiswal located in Lal Babu Kucha area of ​​Chowk police station area. The dacoits took the laborers working in the house hostage and looted goods and jewelery worth lakhs. This case of loot has been revealed. Police arrested two accused. The main accused turned out to be Masaura Bhai of the businessman. This was the one who hatched the conspiracy of robbery.

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Five accused involved in the dacoity arrested: City SP East Sandeep Singh confirmed the case and said that dacoity had taken place at the house of businessman Mithlesh Paswan. The dacoits who came in number of more than five had carried out the crime by taking the laborers working in the house hostage. At the time of the incident, the businessman and his family had gone to a relative’s house for a wedding. The dacoits had looted goods and jewelery worth lakhs from the house. In which some jewelery was recovered during the arrest of the accused.

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“On January 26, the businessman and his family had gone to a relative’s house for a wedding. As a precaution, three laborers were kept in the house. Meanwhile, the dacoits entered the house and carried out the robbery by taking the laborers hostage. In the case Five accused have been arrested” – Sandeep Singh, City SP East

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The businessman’s cousin is the main accused: One of the five arrested accused is also the businessman’s cousin. This is what hatched the plan of robbery. The main accused has been identified as Vinod Kumar alias Balo. In the course of the investigation, the police caught him on the basis of suspicion and interrogated him. After which the whole matter was revealed. Among the five accused arrested, three youths and two women are also included. Preparations are being made to arrest everyone and send them to judicial custody.

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