Power Plant Instal: THDC Will Set Up Renewable Mega Energy Plant In Rajasthan, Thousands Of People Will Get Employment


An important plan has been agreed between Tehri Hydro Development Corporation and Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation. Due to which about 10 thousand people are also expected to get employment. Also, this project is being considered very important for the economic development of the state.

Rishikesh: THDC (Tehri Hydro Development Corporation) in Rajasthan is going to set up Ultramega Akshay Urja Power Park in association with Rajasthan Akshay Urja Nigam. This project is also expected to provide employment to about 10,000 people in Rajasthan. At the same time, both the departments are describing this project as very important and beneficial.

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Energy project will get wings: According to CGM Solar Power SS Panwar of Tehri Hydro Development Corporation (THDC), an agreement has been signed between THDC and Rajasthan Akshay Urja Nigam in Jaipur on Monday, in which Rajasthan Akshay Urja Nigam Chairman Ashutosh AT Pednekar and Managing Director DK Sharma, Technical Director, Rajasthan Akshay Urja Nigam and SS Panwar, Chief General Manager, Solar, THDC signed in the presence of Anil Daka. According to the agreement, both the companies will set up Ultramega Renewable Energy Power Park in Rajasthan. The joint venture company will develop renewable energy projects of 10,000 MW capacity in various places of the state in a phased manner.

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Expectation of employment from the scheme: Floating solar and pumped storage hydroplant will also be considered for development in Rajasthan. Anil Dhaka, Managing Director of Rajasthan Akshay Urja Nigam, said that with the establishment of 10,000 MW Ultramega Akshay Urja POCs in Rajasthan, along with the social and economic development of the state, the scope of Akshay Urja Nigam will also develop. About 40 thousand crore rupees will be invested on the establishment of the energy park. About 10,000 people will get employment directly and indirectly, due to which the economic condition and standard of living of the local people is expected to improve. In the first phase, the target is to develop 2000 MW capacity solar parks by the year 2025.

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