Robbery In Jaipur: Careless Family Of Jaipur, Who Realized After 3 Days Of Jewelry Theft


A lady who came to work in a luxury apartment in the Mansarovar police station area of ​​the capital fled after stealing gold jewellery. The family members came to know about the theft after he left (jaipur mansarovar flat chori). Know how the vicious woman threw dust in her eyes.

Jaipur. The family living in the Mansarovar police station area came to know after 3 days of the maid leaving that their precious jewelery was missing from the house. After this, the family members reached the Mansarovar police station late on Tuesday night and registered a case of theft. Investigating officer Bhagwan Sahay said that Bhumika Thakur, a resident of Mahima Elanza, Girraj Nagar, lodged a complaint.

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The special thing is that in the presence of the Chor Bai family, she continued to move by showing the cleanliness of her hands. According to the police, the complainant has mentioned in the complaint that a new maid was hired in the apartment a few days back. She was working at the house of several people living in the apartment. When she did not come for 3 days, the woman searched the cupboards and found out about the theft.

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How did the whole family get caught in the dust! – On January 28, when Bai came to work, the whole family of the complainant was present at the flat. After sweeping the floor, Bai talked about dusting in the other room of the flat and took the cloth and went to the other room. During this, the whole family was sitting in the drawing hall and talking among themselves. Taking advantage of the opportunity, the maid fled after stealing jewelry worth about Rs 3 lakh kept in the cupboard of another room.

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Suspicion on phone being switched off- When Bai did not come to work for 3 days, the complainant called her on Tuesday, her phone was switched off. On suspicion, when the complainant took care of the almirah of the other room, the ornaments kept in it were found missing. On which the complainant informed her husband about this and reached Mansarovar police station and got a case of theft registered. At present, the police have registered the case and started investigation.

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