Sagar Nauradehi Sanctuary: Bomb Attack On Forest Department Patrol, Forest Personnel Narrowly Escaped


Due to continuous action on forest mafia in Sagar Rehli Nauradehi Sanctuary, Singpur range, the forest mafia has become furious and now they are targeting only the forest staff (Bomb Attack on Forest Department Team). The mafias have attacked the Forest Department team with a bomb.

Sea. Forest mafia has become unbridled in the biggest wildlife sanctuary of Madhya Pradesh. In the latest case, the forest mafia attacked the forest department’s patrol party with a crude bomb in the Singpur range of the Nauradehi Sanctuary. Although there was no injury to the forest personnel in this attack, and the bomb fell in front of the patrol vehicle, but it has become clear from the incident that the mafia is unbridled in the state’s largest wildlife sanctuary and wildlife along with wildlife wealth. has become a threat to In this case, the officials of the Forest Department say, “After we have cracked down on the mafia, the mafia has gone berserk and is doing such attacks”. Earlier, poachers had attacked the patrol party of the forest department with sticks.

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What is the matter: Due to the continuous action being taken on the forest mafia in the Singpur range of the state’s largest wildlife sanctuary, the forest mafia has become angry and is targeting the forest staff. On the intervening night of Tuesday-Wednesday, the forest staff of Singpur Range of Nauradehi Sanctuary had gone out for patrolling in the forest. As soon as the Kathotia village located in the sanctuary reached, suddenly a bomb fell in front of the vehicle of the patrol team and due to the sound of a loud explosion, an atmosphere of panic was created in the sanctuary. Seeing the spark of fire and the plume of smoke, the patrol party of the forest department got alert and got out of the vehicle after the blast and started searching around, but taking advantage of the darkness and fog, the accused who threw the bomb managed to escape.

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The search for the accused continues: Pahra and Rampura Vet Guard Bhagirath Patel, who were present at the scene, told that, “After the attack, we all got scared and were afraid that another attack might happen.” It was dark as it was night and we got scared when the bomb suddenly fell in front of the vehicle. Had the bomb fallen on the vehicle, a major incident could have happened. After the bomb fell, there was smoke all around and the smell of gunpowder started coming. Where the bomb fell on the ground, there was a pit of about two feet. As soon as the information about the bomb attack was received, Ranger Saurabh Jain of Singapore Range immediately reached the spot. He told that the attackers managed to escape after carrying out the incident, so the information about who carried out the attack is yet to be found.

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Mafias keep an eye on the forest wealth of Singpur range: Mafias have an eye on the forest wealth of Singpur range of Nauradehi Sanctuary. A large amount of timber and minor forest produce is present in the Singpur range. After the continuous action and clashes for the last one or two months, the forest mafia has become angry and is targeting the forest staff in anger. In this matter, a report has been lodged by the Forest Department in Deori police station.

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