School Students Reached Rajnandgaon Collectorate


On Tuesday, school students and parents of Government Primary School School Bhainsatara of Rajnandgaon reached the collectorate office. He has submitted a memorandum to the Collector regarding the demand for the appointment of teachers.

Rajnandgaon: The whole matter pertains to the Government Primary School Bhainsatra of Rajnandgaon. Where the education is getting affected due to lack of teacher arrangement in the school. There has been a demand to immediately appoint teachers while repairing the decrepit education system of the school. A large number of school students and villagers have submitted a memorandum to the collector regarding this demand.

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Education system collapsed due to shortage of teachers: School students of Government Primary School Bhainsatara of Rajnandgaon development block, their parents and villagers reached the Rajnandgaon collectorate office in large numbers. He appealed to the collector in Jan Chaupal and demanded the appointment of teachers. A total of 104 children are studying in Government Primary School Bhainsatara. Due to the transfer of 2 teachers 3 months ago, only 2 teachers are working in the school. On whose trust the entire education system is running. Due to the shortage of teachers, the education system in the primary school has completely collapsed.

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Teachers could not be appointed in the school: In the past also the higher officials were informed about this by the villagers. Despite this, teachers have not yet been appointed in the school. Due to which there is resentment among parents and school students. On Tuesday, the students reached the Rajnandgaon collectorate office and demanded immediate posting of two teachers in the school. School students and parents sat in front of the statue of Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi in front of the Rajnandgaon collectorate and demanded the appointment of teachers. He has submitted a letter demanding that the education system be reformed.

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Study work in the school was affected: Due to lack of arrangement of teachers in the government primary school, the study work in the school is getting affected. At the same time, the examination is going to be held in the coming months, due to which the studies are getting affected. At the same time, a large number of school children and parents have demanded immediate appointment of teachers in the school, so that studies are not affected.

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