Shaligram Rocks Reached Santakbirnagar For The Construction Of Ram Mandir, Thousands Of People Visited


Shaligram rocks were brought to Sant Kabir Nagar while being taken from Nepal to Ayodhya for the construction of Ram Mandir. During this thousands of people visited the rocks. Idols of Lord Ram and Sita will be made from these rocks.

Santakbirnagar: Shaligram rocks used in the construction of Lord Shri Ram’s statue reached Gorakhpur in Santakbirnagar district on Wednesday via Bihar. Thousands of people gathered to see them. Here people raised slogans of Jai Shri Ram.

Let us tell you that the general public along with the workers of the Bharatiya Janata Party on reaching Santakbirnagar district on Wednesday, two big rocks of Shaligram stones from Nepal for his statue made of Shaligram stones in the temple of Lord Ram being built in Ayodhya. Warmly welcomed while offering prayers. During this time, on entering the limits of the district, devotees enthusiastic about the rocks welcomed them at various places.

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The stones were brought to the district at around 12 o’clock on Wednesday. There was curiosity among the people about this since morning. Bihar then Kushinagar Gorakhpur via Nepal, after this the stones entered Sant Kabir Nagar around 12 o’clock. From here, they were sent forward with heavy security arrangements and people’s devotion. Thousands of people welcomed the stones at Nedula Square and Kante in the district.

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Leaders and workers of Bharatiya Janata Party were present during the reception. At the same time, people were seen standing at the crossroads since morning to have a darshan of the rocks. Sant Kabir Nagar reached district with drums. People welcomed the Shaligram rocks. After entering the district, elaborate security arrangements were also seen. Bharatiya Janata Party’s district president Jagdamba Lal Srivastava said that Shaligram stones entered Sant Kabir Nagar district. It was warmly welcomed. It is the good fortune of the people that even before the construction, people saw the stones to be built in the statue of Lord Shri Ram.

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